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32 Easy Homemade Bird Feeders

32 Easy Homemade Bird Feeders

Making homemade bird feeders for your backyard is a fun way for you and your kids to get to know which birds are native to your area, and a great way to help out your feathered friends when their food sources are scarce in winter-time.

Every winter, here in my daycare, we make homemade bird feeders to scatter among our trees and gardens. We like to keep things on the simple side here, so we always use common household materials to make our feeders.

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The hooligans always love the process, and they get so excited when they discover birds and squirrels nibbling away at the feeders they made with their very own hands.

32 Easy Homemade Bird Feeders

Here are 32 easy and beautiful bird feeder crafts to inspire you and your kids.  Some of these bird feeders are our own, and others, I’ve gathered from around the internet.

If you’re looking to make a bird feeder for your backyard, I hope you’ll find an idea or two that you like here!

32 Homemade Bird Feeders To Make For Your Backyard:

4 easy bird feeders for kids to make4 easy bird feeders for kids to make

Pine cone bird feeders are so easy to make. Bonus: collecting the pinecones is an activity in itself! – Red Ted Art

Look no further than your pantry cupboard to make this edible cone bird feeder. – Dereila Nature Inn

Bread bird feeders are great for using up stale end of a loaf or crusts that no-one eats. – CBC Parents

I love the natural look of these hanging gourd feeders by Kitchen Counter Chronicles.

Paper Plate Bird Feeder happy hooligansPaper Plate Bird Feeder happy hooligans

You can turn a paper plate into a bird feeder in a jiffy!  This one is great for fine motor skills, and doesn’t require any special tools to make it!

homemade bird feeders made out of old disheshomemade bird feeders made out of old dishes

Tea party for the birds!  This thrift shop cup and saucer feeder looks so whimsical on a stake in the garden. – Dear Lizzy

Second-hand bowls and vases work too!  A glass bird feeder would look beautiful sparkling in the sun. – Day 2 Day Super Mom

Angle it just right, and you can hang this teacup bird feeder from a branch in your yard. – Budget Savvy Diva

3 homemade birdfeeders for toddlers to make3 homemade birdfeeders for toddlers to make

Use mesh produce bags to make simple suet feeders for your neighbourhood birds. – David Suzuki

Our Cheerio bird feeders are so easy to make and help little ones develop their fine-motor skills too. – Happy Hooligans

Bagel bird feeders are simple enough for even the youngest tots to make. – Mama Papa Bubba

bird feeders made from lego - tin can- orange cups - fruitbird feeders made from lego - tin can- orange cups - fruit

Lego-maniacs and bird-lovers unite! Check out this amazing Lego feeder over at Fun Crafts Kids.

When we make fresh-squeezed juice, we use our leftovers to make orange cup bird feeders to stake in the garden.

With a little paint and ribbon, you can transform your recyclables into a colourful set of tin-can bird feeders. – Plum Adorable (website no longer available)

A  fruit and grain bird feeder is a great way to use up fruit that’s past its prime.  The birds devoured this one quickly! – CBC Parents

These fruit and cheerio bird feeders are a great way to use up stale cereal and fruit that’s past its best. Making these feeders helps little ones strengthen their fine-motor skills and they can practice counting and patterning as well.

cardboard birdfeeder squarecardboard birdfeeder square

For this cardboard bird feeder, you need look no further than your recycle bin. Grab a cardboard box and some paint and this simple colourful feeder with your kids today.

32 beautiful bird feeder crafts32 beautiful bird feeder crafts

These easy rainbow ice bird feeders are stunning!   Check out all the colours that Twig and Toadstool made!

Use up the last of your pantry scraps to make a gorgeous ice wreath bird feeder. – Hands On: As We Grow

The hooligans loved threading these simple cheerio and blueberry feeders!

3 bird feeders to make with recycled materials3 bird feeders to make with recycled materials

Put your recyclables to good use!  This juice carton “owl” bird feeder is too darn cute! – Red Ted Art

This simple plastic jug bird feeder kept our birds and squirrels happy all through the winter last year.

Make this adorable upcycled bird feeder with a couple of containers and some fabric scraps. – Embracing Life’s Journey (website no longer available)

kid made bird feederskid made bird feeders

Here’s another super way to use up your orange rinds! Hang citrus bird feeders around the yard. – Mama Papa Bubba

These little paint tin feeders look so pretty and inviting hanging all together. – Mom Endeavours

Feed a whole flock of birds with this twig and toilet roll bird feeder. It’s like a birdy buffet! – Summer Project Ideas

3 fun ways to make bird feeders3 fun ways to make bird feeders

For the well-travelled bird:  these road map bird houses are more for decorative purposes, but they’re so cute, I couldn’t resist sharing. – Crafts by Amanda

We used snow as a base for our corn kernel and chestnut feeder.  The blue jays and squirrels LOVED it!

Here’s another simple cardboard roll bird feeder.  I love the splash of colour that the ribbon lends to the project. – Momtastic

water bottle bird feeder - wreath bird feeder - cookie cutter bird feederwater bottle bird feeder - wreath bird feeder - cookie cutter bird feeder

“Messy Fingers Science” says it took less than two minutes for the cardinals to find her spoons and soda bottle bird feeder!

Cookie cutters!!  What a fun way for the family to make a bunch of shaped bird feeders for the yard. – Juggling with Kids

I’m in love with this bundt pan bird seed wreath by Infarrantly Creative.  The rustic bow is rustic and classy at the same time.

3 cool homemade bird feeders - Happy Hooligans3 cool homemade bird feeders - Happy Hooligans

Make a bird or butterfly feeder out of a glass jar.  These would look lovely suspended at different heights around the garden or patio. – Melissa Camera Wilkins

Here’s a simple way to turn an inexpensive grapevine ornament into a bird feeder. Judging by the photos, this suet recipe is a big hit with woodpeckers and other small birds. – The Garden Roof Coop

And last but definitely not least:  Get a close-up view of your neighbourhood birds with a simple and inexpensive suction cup bird feeder!

Happy building and happy birding!

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