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31 Pretty and Creative Craft Room Ideas

pretty and organized craft room ideas on a budget

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Are you are a crafter or do you like to create DIY projects? Are you looking for craft room ideas to help organize your craft supplies and make your creative space neat, tidy and efficient? Well, you’ve come to the right place to find craft room set-up inspiration, doable organizing ideas, even many that are budget-friendly.Looking for some inspiring ideas to get your craft room organized and looking its best? 

From color coding your crafting supplies to using walls to display your tools, your craft room can become a functional yet welcoming workspace allowing you to focus on your creativity without sacrificing order.

Begin Laying Out The Room With a Work Table

Setting up an organized craft room does not have to be hard or expensive. Make the most of your space from floor to ceiling by first arranging it into sections or work stations if you do many different types of crafts from sewing, paper crafting to decorative painting.

1. DIY Craft Room Work Table

When you begin to organize your craft room having easy access to your work table is most important.

DIY craft room work table base with top

Placing an island work table toward the center of your craft room allows you to access it from all angles. Don’t be afraid to choose an island with storage, too! Then, your island can do double-duty as a craft workspace and storage center.

You can create a DIY Craft Room Work Table like this yourself by combining hand-me-down furniture or thrift store finds along with an inexpensive hollow core door bought at a home improvement store giving you ample space for working on a variety of projects.


A crafting work table with storage space underneath can also be set up against a wall if your room doesn’t allow for center placement.

2. Gather Similar Tools With Cache Pots

Tin can recycling project ideas

Make a few of these Crafty Table Top Cache Pots for free. They can hold pencils, pens, markers, paint brushes and more on your work table using tin cans and paper scraps from your recycling bins.

Create Work Stations Around the Room

When you do multiple types of crafts in your room you will need a space that will function to do each.

3. Set Up a Place to Do Multiple Crafts

white painted custom work table in home craft roomtable

Hardworking and well organized, this craft room provides multiple workstations to accommodate different tasks. A Sit Down Work Station that can be DIY’ed on a budget can be divided into crafting zones from space for Cricut tools, rolls of vinyl, a sewing machine and even as a desk area for a computer.

4. Add a Large Armoire or Cabinet for Closed Storage

Paint a vintage armoire or a new craft closet to place on one wall as a focal point in the room.

open large pink craft room cabinet

When the armoire is closed, the room will look more decorative and less like a utility space.

Set up the shelves in the armoire cabinet by category – paints, spray paint, beads, etc. to help you easily find what you need. Adjustable shelves will easily accommodate changing needs.

Craft room storage ideas

Purchase small drawer units from craft or hardware stores or use large clear jars to place on the shelves to hold small items like buttons, beads and jewelry making supplies.

An easy to make Ribbon Memo Board can be hung on the inside of the cabinet door. If you have a large cabinet like this you can see more of it Craft Cabinet Armoire Organization here.

5. Get Creative With Closet Storage Organizers

This craft room storage idea is one where you don’t always need to purchase ready-made craft supply storage items. Use your creativity to come up with affordable do-it-yourself storage and organizing options.

How to organize spools of ribbon

For instance, use spring-style curtain rods to hold rolls of ribbon inside the cabinet. Use any drawers to hold skeins of yarn or folded sections of fabric.

Craft and decorating ideas using buttons and vintage clip on earrings

When you have a ton of small items, baskets and plastic drawer organizers work well to hold it all in an organized way.

Fill The Walls With Colorful Wall Storage

Craft room with wall organizers and a long worktable.

Wall storage and organizing systems in a craft room keep your most used supplies neatly arranged and within reach so your work surface is clutter-free.

In this craft room wall, three large picture frames were hung fitted next to each other. Each frame holds a different category of supplies.

6. Frame a Pegboard to Hang Tools

craft room in house

Purchase pegboard hooks and accessories for your wall mounted pegboard. There are a few different types of the two-pronged hooks that were used on this Framed Pegboard for Crafting to securely hang scissors, rulers, tape, tools and more.


You can even make your own colorful organizers by wrapping pretty ribbon around tin cans and using pegboard hooks to hang them.

7. Create a Gift Wrapping Station

Improperly stored wrapping paper winds up wrinkled and damaged.

Craft room showing wall with tools, ribbon and gift wrap organized in large white frames.

Keep your gift wrap in perfect condition by making a Wall Mounted Gift Wrap Holder Organizer that hangs on a wall over a work table.

8. Make a Wall Mounted Ribbon Holder


If you need a place to store and organize rolls of ribbon to fit your space and needs, consider making this Wall Mounted Ribbon Holder made with metal trim from metal roofing bought at the home improvement store.

9. Hang a Ribbon Spool Holder From a Wall Shelf


If your crafting space is in a closet, you can make a Ribbon Spool Holder that hangs from a wire shelf in less than an hour that doesn’t require any power tools.

10. Hang a Large Memo Board

Place a large memo board on a wall to pin instructions, inspiration and ideas found in magazines or on Pinterest.

Craft room decorating and organizing ideas

When you make a custom sized Large Memo Board for your craft room not only acts as a place to keep your ideas and inspiration visible, but it also acts as decor for the room.

Label Storage Drawers, Bins and Baskets

Labeling the outside of every container, box, bin or basket with the name of the contents inside it will not only allow you to find what you need at a glance, but will also help to keep the room organized easy when putting supplies back into their containers.

11. Print Out Labels

Free printable labels for the DIYer

If you need labels for your storage containers, consider printing one of these collections of Free Printable Organizing Labels to use for your craft supplies.

12. Utilize Bin Pull Cabinet Knobs

craft room storage ideas

Drawers of all sizes are a great way to store supplies in a tidy way. To take the organization up a notch, replace plain drawer pulls or knobs with Drawer Pull Labels so you can stylishly label what is in each drawer.

Organize Supplies By Color

From rolls of ribbon to bottles of craft paint. When you organize your craft supplies by color, you can quickly see all and grab what you need.

13. Separate Paint Into Drawers

How to paint a metal file cabinet

Label the contents of drawers by color.

14. Place Craft Paint Upside Down in Shoeboxes


When you don’t have shelves to hold all your craft paint and need an easy to access way to store them, place the bottles upside down in shoeboxes in a drawer, on a shelf or in a cabinet.

You can use gift wrap to Decorate Shoeboxes so they coordinate with the decor of your craft room.

Create a Sewing Corner

It you do a lot of sewing, then focus on setting up a nook or corner in the room to accommodate all your needs.

craft room made in dining room

Setup a surface for a sewing machine with a stool or chair under it along with a place nearby to stack or hang fabrics and sewing supplies.

15. Hang Spools of Thread

hanging organizer for spools of thread

On the wall near your sewing work area or on the inside of a cabinet door use a ready-made thread holder for organized easy access.

16. Use Small Boxes

Organized drawers in craft room sewing corner.

Organize craft room drawers the easy way by using small boxes and their lids that jewelry and stationery come in as budget ready made drawer dividers.

Using all sorts of paper from cardstock to computer paper to create with is one item most crafters have. Keep it clean and well organized with one of these paper storage ideas.

17. Printer Paper Organizing Baskets

Computer paper storage idea in a craft room

Make a paper organizing station on wheels by repurposing a base kitchen cabinet without a door. Add wheels to the bottom and place paper in shallow baskets. Label accordingly.

18. Scrapbook Paper Organizer


For a budget Scrapbook Paper Organizer, gather pizza boxes or low sided boxes and stack them in a cabinet. Use Washi tape to make them decorative.

Stack Storage Units

Stacking storage is one of the most effective ways to make the most of your craft room without having to upgrade to a bigger space, making it the perfect go-to solution for all of your storage needs.

19. IKEA to the Rescue


IKEA stacking drawers can hold many items where you can see them at a glance. Add casters to the bottom of the unit so you can easily move it around where needed. Place a piece of wood or a large cutting board found at a thrift store to create a top to give you another surface to store craft supplies.

20. Make Lids for Baskets

stack of three rectangular baskets with DIY made lids that allows the baskets to be stacked for organized storage.

Square or rectangular baskets of any size are great for storing all sorts of items in. The only downside is that you can stack them to lessen the space they take up. You can easily fix that when you Make Lids for Storage Baskets so you can easily stack them to save room.

21. Cover Boxes With Colorful Fabric

colorful stacked storage boxes in a craft room.

Boxes that already have lids like shoeboxes and gift boxes can be covered with fabric and then stacked to hold many different items in one space. Use stick-on or screw on Label Holders so you know what art supplies are stored in each box.

Combine Pieces of Furniture

To keep your craft room organizing efforts budget-friendly when you need larger pieces of furniture, consider how you can unify one of more pieces of furniture you already own.

white chalk painted cabinet in craft room

22. Paint Unrelated Items

If you don’t have furniture that will work, check out Facebook Marketplace or take a trip to the thrift store to see what you can find and purchase inexpensively. Look for a chest of drawers, dressers, file cabinets, bookcases, tables and desks.


Combine two or more pieces of unrelated furniture and paint them to look like one custom made piece to fit your craft room and storage needs. For instance this Vintage File Cabinet with a Bookcase.

Don’t Forget About a Comfortable Chair

Since you will be spending time focused on crafting in the room, make sure you have at least one or more places to sit comfortably.

Bloggers craft room tours

23. Makeover an Ugly Office Chair

An office chair makeover with lime green and white stripes.

An office chair and stool are both nice to have in the room. To make them pretty, Paint a Stool to color coordinate with the decor in the room. Make Over an Ugly Office Chair with fabric and paint. swivel chair for a desk.

Create Hidden Storage in Plain Site

There is nothing worse when you are in a creative mood and not being able to easily access what you need.

As you set up and organize your craft room, think of ways you can keep the items handy, but hidden.

24. Make a Round Table and Cloth to Cover a Sewing Machine

pink and white skirted round table in a craft room where a sewing machine is stored underneath the table.

To hide an old fashioned, but functioning sewing machine table, place a table round on top and Make a Round Tablecloth for it. When it is time to sew, you can simply remove the cloth and round top and place them aside to access the sewing machine.

When the sewing machine is not in use, the table looks like a pretty decorator table in the room.

25. Create Custom Storage Solutions for Your Needs

How to organize colored pencils in a studio

When you can’t find the right type of organizer or storage solution to fit your craft room needs, then design and make what you envision yourself like this Lazy Susan Colored Marker or Pencil Holder.

Craft Room Office Combination

If your creating space is your your business. For your computer and business tasks.

26. Set Up a Desk

How to create and set up a home office

Design the room so one section functions more like a studio and the other section with a desk with a computer to take care of your business needs as shown in this Craft Room Tour that I call my studioffice.

desk drawer dividers to make

These Wood Dividers Desk Drawer Dividers are easy to make and separate your supplies so everything is organized and easily accessible.

27. Setup a Photography Work Space

If you are a creative blogger or social media influencer and take photos and videos for your business having and area in your craft or home office space where you can take photos with a background is important. It is easy to set up a mini photo studio right in the room


Find out how to make the Mini Photo Studio using a roller shade on the wall above a work table to create a spot with a solid white background.

28. Safely Store Camera Lenses

how to safely store camera lenses in a drawer.

Save soft foam from packaging that comes around boxed appliances or fragile items. When it is cut up, it makes perfect dividers to keep camera lenses stored safely.

Install an Easy to Clean Craft Room Rug

Craft rooms can be messy places. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in the room is best since it is easy to wipe spilled paint and other messes up without damage. But if you want to warm up the room, try using an area rug.

29. Install a FLOR Tile Rug

FLOR Rug being put together using separate squares that are paced together to make any size rug you need.

One of the best types of area rugs to use in a craft room is a Custom Rug from FLOR. The rug is made by connecting the square pieces of rug together. The beauty of the rug is that if one square gets stained or damaged, it can easily be replaced without having to get a whole new rug.

Add Your Personal Style

When designing your craft room, remember to add your personal style to it to make it truly feel right for you which in turn will inspire you more to create.

30. Pick a Color Scheme

Pretty craft room with the best rug that is easy to clean.

Just as you do in any other room in your home, choose a color scheme for your craft room that will inspire your creativity. It can be whatever you want, use your creativity to put your style stamp on your creating space.

Setting Up a Craft Room In a Closet

If you don’t have an entire room to devote to a craft room, all the above craft room organizing and storage ideas can be sized down to fit into a closet in your home.

If you are don’t have wood working skills to add shelving to the closet, consider installing a ready custom closet system set up to work in, as well as to hold your supplies in a very organized way.

31. Make a Rolling Craft Cart

Rolling craft cart made using wood cubes and a rectangular basket

Use a rolling craft cart that can be wheeled out of the closet to where you want to work. When you are finished, simply roll it back into the closet and out of the way.

For more clever ideas on how to transform a small closet into a highly organized space for your crafting needs, be sure to check out how the blogger at Simplicity in the South organized hers.

If you enjoying making crafts, your own gifts to give friends and family or decorative accessories for your home, then don’t miss browsing through this Craft Project Page where you will find many creative and doable craft ideas.

Do you like crafting with printables, head over to my Free Printables Page to find them to create your next project.


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