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31 Outer Space Drawing Ideas

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drawings of outer space

Are you looking to add some otherworldly ideas to add to your sketchbooks? This post of outer space drawing ideas is a perfect place for those readers.

Today, I have thirty-one outer space drawing ideas that are super stellar. From silly little asteroids to full rocket ships taking off, there are many discoveries to make today.

For those interested, I always like to share a handful of useful items for the specific craft. What’s listed below are some regular items and tools I use to create.

These pencils are great for sketching, this eraser works well to erase, and these art pens are great for accenting and outlining.

For specific mediums, I like this watercolor set, these colored pencils, these colorful markers, these pastels, and these crayons for younger ones.

outer space drawing ideasouter space drawing ideas

1. Satellite

satellite drawing ideassatellite drawing ideas

Satellites are where we’ll start today. It is, of course, pretty boring compared to some of the other ideas we’ll cover, but we’re starting small.

Make a singular oversized satellite or have a few competing for the main space in your composition. You could add a UFO or alien for an extra touch of interest.

2. Smiling Asteroid

smiling asteroid drawing ideassmiling asteroid drawing ideas

If asteroids actually did smile, it’d be a little grim, wouldn’t it? It’s a humorous thought and elevates the idea tenfold–it evokes an emotion and a conversation.

If your work can draw on both of those ideas, you’re in a pretty good position with your work.

3. Smiling Stars and Planets

smiling stars and planets drawing ideasmiling stars and planets drawing idea

The gang is all here. Even though it’s not a full solar system image, it’s a gathering of major parts of our universe, and it makes for a fun doodle.

Swap in or out any array of planetary or celestial characters here to customize the idea. Adding some color, too, would really make this party pop.

4. Bottle of Stars

bottle of stars drawing ideabottle of stars drawing idea

If you’ve been here a while, you know I love a drawing framed within an unexpected frame. This bottle of stars is no exception to its uniqueness.

Feel free to play around with the size of the jar depending on how much space you have or want to commit to.

alien drawing ideaalien drawing idea

We all knew there’d be extraterrestrials on this post, and I think they’re just darling. The best part about this, too, is that the shapes of their heads are all different.

This idea gives you the liberty to play with the shapes of their faces, making for a more interesting composition overall.

Pair this drawing with the smiling stars and planets for a fully rounded-out idea.

6. Earth, Sun, and Moon

Earth sun and moon drawing ideaEarth sun and moon drawing idea

The sun, moon, and Earth are the essential trio for all of us here on Earth. There’s no better way to acknowledge our thankfulness than through a fun drawing of the things that sustain us.

Give this idea a fun twist by changing up the colors! It’ll add a fun and lively touch to the classic trio.

Check out these other moon drawing ideas!

7. Colorful Rings

colorful run drawing ideacolorful run drawing idea

Another way to add whimsy to your planet drawings is to add colorful rings to any given planet or moon.

A simple addition like rings immediately draws the eye into the composition of a classically typical drawing.

Add some stars or clouds within the space to lean into a more whimsical vibe of this easy drawing idea. Both items are easily identified in that way.

8. String of Planets

string of planets drawing ideastring of planets drawing idea

A string of planets makes the idea of drawing them more exciting.

Normally, planets are in a single row, unattached; these are all being led by a rocket and helps excite the eye to move naturally throughout.

9. Outer Space Snow Globe

outerspace snow globe drawing ideaouterspace snow globe drawing idea

Another great framed image in an unexpected place! This outer space snow globe holds a notoriously large space in a tiny one (in comparison to its normal space in the universe).

This idea is begging for color! I think that something bright and even textural would make this snow globe stand out amongst the rest.

10. Planet Mobile

planet mobile drawing ideaplanet mobile drawing idea

A planet mobile is another great way to condense such a large subject into a more segmented space.

Make a small or large one with all the same hanging objects or pattern them in a way that makes sense.

11. Saturn with Sunglasses

saturn drawing ideasaturn drawing idea

Personifying planets or any other non-human item always makes for a super simple and easy drawing idea for anyone.

The type of sunglasses is totally up to you, too–whatever you can draw is fair game.

I could obviously see some star sunglasses on this planet, but an unexpected image like a clover could also be fun.

12. Dinosaur in Space

dinosaur in space drawing ideadinosaur in space drawing idea

To be clear, any animal or creature with a space helmet is probably a great idea. This dinosaur is an unexpected option that adds to the fun of the composition.

Add some dino friends, or let him have a solo mission to start with this doodle.

13. UFO

UFO drawing ideaUFO drawing idea

There was no way we’d be getting through the list without a UFO! It’s a staple image for outer space and, therefore, solidly in the middle of the list.

If you want to switch the driver up, I think anyone could be a fun replacement from George Washington to your pet.

14. Planet with Hanging Stars

planet with hanging stars drawing ideaplanet with hanging stars drawing idea

A more natural-looking mobile is opting for a planet with hanging stars off of it. It’s a great combination of two classic space items in a less traditional way.

Feel free to swap the stars out for other items, whatever you choose.

15. Astronaut

astronaut drawing ideaastronaut drawing idea

The other drawing idea that couldn’t not be added to the list today. An astronaut in space is the only reason why we definitively know what we know about space.

Add a fun friend or UFO to liven up the iconic image.

16. Hearts and Stars

hearts and stars drawing ideahearts and stars drawing idea

For those romantics who always have their heads in the clouds, this scene of heart and stars seems fitting for you all!

Add as many or as little amount of stars and smaller hearts as you’d like for this image–I think more would be fun.

17. Asteroid

asteroid drawing ideaasteroid drawing idea

For those who felt troubled by the emoting asteroid, here’s a traditional falling space rock. The key to really portraying this asteroid is the movement lines and maybe the star.

Add a couple to fill out the idea on the page, or the sun, moon, or any other space-related item.

18. Simple Planets

simple planets drawing ideasimple planets drawing idea

If you’re looking for simple planetary outer space doodles, this idea is perfect for you. Pick and choose your favorites and space them out on the page accordingly.

Add more or take out a few, whatever you’d like for your sketchbook.

19. Space Cat

space cat drawing ideaspace cat drawing idea

As I mentioned, any animal with a space helmet on makes for a good subject, and this cat is no exception. To spice up the picture, add something to the space that is interacting with the cat.

I think a whole family or grouping of cats floating through space doing different things or emoting in different ways makes for an excellent idea.

This cat drawing could even turn into a cute wall print or card.

20. Planetary Bouquet

planetary bouquet drawing ideaplanetary bouquet drawing idea

Arrangements of unexpected items in different scenarios make for excellent content.

This bouquet is a great example–these types of images always seem to become popular depending on the outcome of the image.

21. Telescope

telescope drawing ideatelescope drawing idea

Our direct connection as civilians without any special connections, a telescope is a sensible drawing idea for this particular list.

Design your telescope to your interests and add in all the special extras you’d like to see within the scene.

22. Universe in a Jar

universe in a jar drawing ideauniverse in a jar drawing idea

A jar as an unexpected frame is one of the easiest and most surefire ways to add interest to your drawings.

Stay simple like mine above, or go incredibly detailed and add some color to give it even more dimension.

23. Alien Abduction

alien drawing ideaalien drawing idea

I feel like we all used to fear this more in the 90s from all the various movies out there about aliens.

Whether or not it’s a real happening, this image is completely identifiable to us all and, therefore, a shoo-in for the post today.

24. “Out of This World” Hair

This cute drawing idea is one of my favorites on the post today, and it’s whimsical, cute, and easy!

This image is another image begging for some nice bright colors–whether they’re royal or pastel hues, they’ll work on this space queen’s hair.

25.  Hot Air Balloon Planet

hot air balloon drawing ideahot air balloon drawing idea

Similarly shaped images replacing common parts of objects are great fun–i.e., this hot air balloon with a planet as its balloon! 

Pick your favorite planet or draw a simple one like the one above.

26. Constellation

constellation drawing ideaconstellation drawing idea

Another space item we can see earthside are constellations. Draw a simple, easy one like mine, or, if you are familiar with constellations, try your hand at an actual one!

This fun doodle is a great option to practice something more serious in a matter in a fun way.

27. Stairway to Space

stairway to space drawing ideastairway to space drawing idea

Instead of Stairway To Heaven, how about space? One of the most creative items on the list today, you can’t help but want to draw it!

The door is similar in fashion to the unexpected spaces framing an image, but it’s opening up another opportunity for the artist and admirer to ponder more.

28. Jet Pack Cat

Jet pack cat drawing ideaJet pack cat drawing idea

If you were thinking of leveling up the cat in the space helmet, here’s the perfect addition! Make a super heavy-duty one, or keep it simple like this one.

29. Seeing Stars

seeing stars drawing ideaseeing stars drawing idea

Drawing some parts of the solar system in the eye is a great option for those still thinking about those spaces beyond spaces.

The space is small, so it’s a relatively quick project, perfect for anyone.

30. UFO’s Above City

UFO drawing ideaUFO drawing idea

Another influence of all of those alien movies–space invasions! Have fun with these and make the cityscape your own.

31. Rocketship

rocketship drawing idearocketship drawing idea

Finally, we have our rocket ship blasting off, ready to go sightseeing and see all the things we’ve talked about today! For a fun twist, add an animal in the cockpit with the pilot.