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31 Extra Cute Dinosaur Drawing Ideas

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Dinosaur Drawing Ideas

If you’re like me and always looking for more drawing ideas, here are thirty-one dynamic dinosaur drawing ideas waiting for you below. From grass-eaters to carnivores, you can find them all!

The best thing is that dinosaur drawing is a wonderful and fun subject for anyone of any age!

Dinos look great in any fashion they’re drawn in, from simplistic to incredibly detailed–perfect for any artist.

If you’re looking to pick up a few supplies or are interested in some fun recommendations, I’ll leave some of my favorites below.

These pencils are wonderful for initial sketching; this sketchbook  is great if you’re looking for a new one with a pop of color,  and this set of watercolors makes for a great dino medium.

dinosaur drawing ideasdinosaur drawing ideas

For some fun and cool mediums to try out, These shimmer markers are a fun alternative to regular markers, these foam stickers for accenting, this set of neon paint pens, and this set of extra big pack of crayons.

1. Triceratops


I am starting off the list with one of my favorite dinosaurs, a triceratops! Friendly-looking and fun to draw, a triceratops can’t be beat.

The most detailed part of this idea is the top of its head. If you’re looking to anchor it more evenly, draw the bottom of the face and start from the middle top to square everything better.

2. ‘Nice’aratops

Nice’aratops drawingNice’aratops drawing

Going along with the sweet-natured spirit of the prehistoric pals so far, this guy just looks so sweet. Similar to the triceratops, the top part of its head is the biggest detail to pay attention to.

3. Lovely Little Dinosaur

 Lovely Little Dinosaur drawing Lovely Little Dinosaur drawing

These ideas are so fun and cute as standalone, but adding small additions can amp up any feeling you’d like to portray!

Also, this little t-rex-esque with a heart drawing is just so adorable you could put the scene on a card or make it into a wall print.

4. Tea-Rex

Tea-Rex drawingTea-Rex drawing

As you can see by this point, I really leaned in on the extra sweet and adorable ideas upfront! Both punny and cute, this tea rex is a perfect idea packaged in a cute teacup.

5. Party Dinosaur

Party Dinosaur drawingParty Dinosaur drawing

As I mentioned with the heart, any ordinary object added to a dinosaur can completely transform a composition’s feeling. This long neck with balloons does just that!

Make it a whole bundle or stick with one or two; the dino will have fun either way.

6. Skateboarding Dino

Skateboarding Dino drawingSkateboarding Dino drawing

If you want to add more action to a photo over a stationary item like the heart or balloons, consider something like a skateboard.

Something like a skateboard can add some fun and unexpected movement to any dino willing to ride.

7. Hatching Dinosaur

Hatching Dinosaur drawingHatching Dinosaur drawing

Baby dinosaurs hatching out of an egg is an excellent and sweet idea for your sketchbook. Pick any dinosaur or your favorite; the egg provides a natural way to break up a typical image.

8. Angry Dinosaur

Angry Dinosaur drawingAngry Dinosaur drawing

I think there are plenty of cute dinosaur options so far, so it’s time to introduce some other types! This angry dinosaur is ready to be known on the post, and rightfully so.

It’s a simple idea but makes a powerful statement.

9. Dinosaur Royalty

 Dinosaur Royalty drawing Dinosaur Royalty drawing

Alternatively, displaying a confident dinosaur is easy by adding a crown to the top of its head.

I stuck with a very simplistic design, but feel free to add jewels, sparkles, or anything else to accent that boldness.

10. Dinosaur Full Of Heart

Dinosaur Full Of Heart drawingDinosaur Full Of Heart drawing

A fun way to shake up a dinosaur drawing idea is to replace its spikes or add some by using a cute, simple shape. The line of hearts on this fellow gives the whole image a nice pop.

11. Dinosaur head

Dinosaur head drawingDinosaur head drawing

Both are possible if you’d like to frame this idea into a puppet or a dinosaur taking a swim. You could set this dino into any scene easily based on how quickly it is to draw it.

12. Stuffed Toy Dinosaur

Stuffed Toy Dinosaur drawingStuffed Toy Dinosaur drawing

This dino is incredibly cute and the perfect iteration of a dino in a stuffed animal form! Add this darling into any scene, from a stuffed animal wall to a kid playing with it.

13.  Short Dinosaur

Short Dinosaur drawingShort Dinosaur drawing

Dinosaurs come in all shapes and sizes! This shorter one may seem innocent, but add some color to it to watch the page come to life.

14. Sleeping Dinosaur

Sleeping Dinosaur drawingSleeping Dinosaur drawing

Even dinosaurs have to take it easy, too! This guy is catching some z’s when he can.

A good tip for any dinosaur today on this list is that if you’d like to make them more complex, try some patterns on different parts of their bodies.

Simple lines, shapes, or repetitive ideas all can make a space pop.

15. A Dinosaur That Lost Its Glasses

drawing of  A Dinosaur That Lost Its Glassesdrawing of  A Dinosaur That Lost Its Glasses

If you’re looking for the unexpected, this is absolutely the dinosaur for you! Whether you want to have its eyes missing, glasses, or even googly eyes somewhere else on the page, go for it!

The best part about drawing and creating is that the execution of each cute drawing is up to you. Each artist can take inspiration from the same idea and have entirely different outcomes.

16. Shelled Dinosaur

Shelled Dinosaur drawingShelled Dinosaur drawing

This dinosaur is ready for anything with its trusty turtle-esque shell.

As one of the easier dinos to draw on the post, give this fellow some extra fun by using an unexpected medium if you’re adding color.

It’s always the short, quiet ones you have to watch out for!

17. Theropod

Theropod drawingTheropod drawing

As a theropod, this fellow is probably looking for a small critter to snack on!

If you want to add some action to this scene, consider adding some small prey or an alternative item that can change the feel of this image.

As always, the back detailing should get some fun colors to give it an extra pop.

18. Moody T-Rex

Moody T-Rex drawingMoody T-Rex drawing

Do we truly know what’s going on with this particular T-Rex? No, but it sure does make for an interesting image to draw.

To really scramble the idea up, consider jumbling all of the facial features just a bit.

This is one of the best random doodles for your journal.

19. Little Dinosaur In Big Love

Little Dinosaur In Big Love drawingLittle Dinosaur In Big Love drawing

Life is simple for this little dinosaur right now; he is in love. With what?

Who knows, it’s up to you! Whether it’s another dinosaur or a taco, it’s all up to what feels right in the moment.

20. Cute Dinosaur

Cute Dinosaur drawingCute Dinosaur drawing

This dinosaur is one of the cutest on the list today and could be another stuffed animal option!

I think it’ll really pop with some nice pastels complementing whatever blush color you use for its cheeks.

21. Trick-or-Treating Dinosaur

Trick-or-Treating DinosaurTrick-or-Treating Dinosaur

Dinosaurs have to have fun, too, right? This pumpkin works perfectly to replace this long neck’s torso, and any item that can be easily swapped in is fair game.

The dino could be a volleyball, tomato, or even a ladybug, to name a few easy swaps.

22. Funghi Dinosaur

Funghi Dinosaur drawingFunghi Dinosaur drawing

This long neck has an innovative style all its own. Repurposing a natural element such as a mushroom cap, flower petal, or the like is all fair game when implementing it into a clothing item.

A good example to liven up a pretty plain drawing is by adding a pattern or texture to larger empty spaces. The green dashes contrast well with the mushroom cap for a more playful composition.

23. Sea Dinosaur/Loch Ness

Sea Dinosaur/Loch Ness drawingSea Dinosaur/Loch Ness drawing

Regardless of what creature you see here, both are known for taking a bit of a dip in different watering holes.

This fellow is pleased with its swimming time, but feel free to change it up–shock, humor, or any other unexpected emotion could be fun here.

24. Baby Dinosaur

baby dinosaur drawingbaby dinosaur drawing

We all know young iterations of creatures are some of the most precious things we can witness. A baby dinosaur is no different; with its large features and curious eyes, you can’t help but draw it.

25. Dinosaur Getting Ready For Bed

Dinosaur Getting Ready For Bed drawingDinosaur Getting Ready For Bed drawing

As this post is coming to a close quickly, it may not be time for you to get ready for bed, but it is for these little guys.

This dinosaur is leading the charge with his adorable onesie–all he needs is a sleeping cap or a toothbrush to complete the look.

26. Too Cool Dinosaur

Too Cool Dinosaur drawingToo Cool Dinosaur drawing

It’s a classic idea for a reason: anything looks just that much cooler with the addition of sunglasses!

Obviously, you can add any other equivalent of sunglasses to any drawing for a similar look, whether it’s a scarf, bow, or even hat.

Bonus points: if you customize the shape of sunglasses, a heart pair would look darling.

27. A Sharp Triceratops

A Sharp Triceratops drawingA Sharp Triceratops drawing

This triceratops is a lot more pointed, literally, than the first one on the list. The idea of rounded vs pointed comes down to a preference.

I did want to showcase both so you can experiment with both styles.

28. Rollerblading Dinosaur

 Rollerblading Dinosaur drawing Rollerblading Dinosaur drawing

A great alternative to a skateboard is rollerblades or rollerskates! If you want even more movement, this option is the better of the two for you.

The blades make it so each leg has to be in flow with another to make for a successful ride. While the skateboard its feet have to stay on the board for it to work.

29. Dinosaur Snow Globe

Dinosaur Snow Globe drawingDinosaur Snow Globe drawing

I’ve always been a big fan of a snow globe, whether I’m drawing one or holding a real one.

Add whatever you’d like with your dino of choice; the night sky offers some depth within a simple drawn image.

30. Wishful Dinosaur

wishful dinosaur drawingwishful dinosaur drawing

This dino is hope that you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I have created it! Keep the stars simple like this, or add the whole sky above; the dino will appreciate it.

31. Squismallow Dinosaur

Squismallow Dinosaur drawingSquismallow Dinosaur drawing

This dinosaur reminded me of Squishmallow and was so cute I couldn’t include it! Opt for different colors here to play around with the feeling of the dino.

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