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31 DIY Scrap Fabric Gifts

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Scrap Fabric Gift Ideas

If you are an avid crafter, you might have leftover scrap fabric and no idea what to do with it. However, you can create many amazing DIY scrab fabric gifts using these pieces.

My loved ones truly enjoy beautifully done DIY crafts, and I’m sure that your family and friends appreciate these heartfelt presents as well.

It is also so lovely to give gorgeous old fabric new life. Below are 31 items you can create and give as gifts.

DIY Scrap Fabric Gift IdeasDIY Scrap Fabric Gift Ideas
DIY Phone CaseDIY Phone Case


How adorable is this tiny phone tote? You will cut three fabric scraps from your collection to fit the sizing measurements provided.

This project also requires wadding for padding, which you can purchase here if necessary.

It would make a thoughtful gift for that friend who is always rummaging around in her bag searching for her phone!

Check out these other great DIY scrap fabric projects!

Fabric FlowersFabric Flowers


I love receiving flowers as gifts. If you have a flower-obsessed loved one, why not make a gorgeous and unique floral gift instead of sending them real flowers?

You can use the same fabric scrap style or switch it up for a more whimsical look.

You will also need floristry wire like this, cardstock, and your sewing kit. These would bring me so much joy if I received them as a present.



Everyone needs a few good scrunchies. If you are like me, they get lost so easily that you can never have enough!

This project is simple and fast. These would be great in birthday party goodie bags or as stocking stuffers!



I love reading but hate bending the pages of my books. With these gorgeous bookmarks, your reader friends will never need to dog ear their precious pages again!

The detailed sewing instructions provided make this a great project for novices. The final product has a cute, vintage vibe.

DIY Tote BagDIY Tote Bag


A handmade tote bag is an excellent gift because of its sheer usefulness. If you are like me, you probably have someone on your list who is impossible to shop for.  

This would make a wonderful present for that person.

This one is doubly environmentally friendly because it uses an old t-shirt for the outer material and a 40”x40” scrap fabric piece for the lining.

You will use cotton webbing to create the straps. I have used this option before and think it would be perfect.

Scented SachetsScented Sachets


These doll-face sachets are both visually and aromatically appealing. The cute faces are painted using acrylic paint (this is my favorite, cost-effective option).

You will then cut your scrap fabric into circles and do a quick hem job. Filling your sachet with lavender is the sweetest part.

This gift comes together quickly and makes a great baby or bridal shower party favor.

Lavender is my favorite scent, so I have tried many different kinds and can confidently say that this one smells heavenly!

 Zipper Pouch Zipper Pouch


A lovingly handmade zipper pouch makes a great gift for the traveler in your life. They will adore storing their jewelry, makeup, ID, and extra change in this zipper pouch.

You will use two pretty pieces of scrap fabric from your collection and a 6” zipper. If you need zippers, you can grab them in bulk here to make zipper pouch gifts for all your friends!

 Shibori Planter Shibori Planter


I find fabric planters to be gorgeous and creative. You can easily make some for your plant-loving friends with this no-sew project.

This project requires a hot glue gun. If you need one, you might consider this one, which I have used for various projects and was happy to see that it includes 30 glue sticks.

Find more easy hot glue gun crafts here!

hair bowshair bows


I am always wearing a ponytail and love how pretty hair bows take that basic ponytail to the next level. These ones are easy to make and will be adored by the kids and adults in your life.

These require only a little bit of felt fabric scrap per bow, so you can make a bunch of them with the fabric you have on hand. If you need clips for this project, this option offers great value!

Scrap Fabric PumpkinsScrap Fabric Pumpkins


We all have a Halloween-obsessed friend. These scrap fabric pumpkins would be a great gift that they will adore using as fall décor.

They are quick and easy to make, so you can present your loved ones with a lovely (or spooky) matching set.

DIY Pencil caseDIY Pencil case


My kids are constantly losing their school supplies. This pencil case would make a great present to help any kids in your life stay organized.

You will only need basic supplies to recreate this, including a toilet paper roll, tape, felt fabric scraps, and a compass.

Fabric Covered FlowerpotsFabric Covered Flowerpots


Decorative flowerpots will make any gift recipient smile. Any pretty fabric scraps will work perfectly.

You will require fabric scissors like these, which I love because they are so high quality!



These stockings would be an adorable addition to anyone’s mantlepiece over the holidays!

You can use a combination of festive or flannel fabric scraps, old t-shirts, and old blankets to make these.

This is a no-sew pattern so you will need fabric glue. I have found that this one holds up well even in the wash!



You would never guess that this stylish headband is upcycled from t-shirts and fabric scraps. I feel like that twisted knot gives it that extra oomph and makes it a must-have accessory.

I would love wearing something so fashionable and am sure that the headband wearers in your life would too.

This is one of the best crafts to make and sell!

Fabric MushroomsFabric Mushrooms


Don’t you think that these fabric mushrooms are cute and funny? I would love to get this gift on a day when I needed a bit of a spirit boost.

You can use any fabric scraps you wish. In my opinion, the more whimsical the design, the better!

pillow coverspillow covers


Here is another amazing no-sew project. This one requires only four items—your favorite fabric scraps from your collection, fabric tape, scissors, and a measuring tape.

If you don’t have fabric tape, you can buy this one. These pillow covers would be a great housewarming gift!

 Flannel Coasters Flannel Coasters


These flannel coasters give off the coziest vibe. You can choose any fabric you have on hand, of course, but I think that flannel is a great option.

Quarter Keeper KeychainQuarter Keeper Keychain


This keychain is super handy for your loved one who always needs some change! It uses your extra fabric scraps to make a tiny pouch perfect for holding a few extra quarters.

You can use whatever fastener you’d like. I am partial to snap buttons like these, which would make your pouch easy to open.

napkin ringsnapkin rings


These napkin rings are beautiful and easy to make. Gift them to a friend who loves entertaining in style.

Scrap Fabric BowlScrap Fabric Bowl


You probably already have everything that you need to make a fun bowl like this.

I am always looking for pretty storage options and think that these would make a great gift for any of your friends who want to upgrade the look of their storage.

These other upcycling ideas are sure to inspire you!

Flower WreathFlower Wreath


What a gorgeous and unique wreath! You could give it to a friend who loves Valentine’s Day or gift it to anyone, anytime, to spread some love!

Bunny SachetBunny Sachet


My kids would love to get these adorable bunny sachets stuffed with candy in an Easter basket.

You could also make them into floral potpourri springtime sachets and gift them to friends and neighbors.

 Utensil Wrap Utensil Wrap


This DIY utensil wrap is pretty and useful. It would make a good gift for that friend who is always picking up lunch or dinner on the road.

If you don’t have leather cord, you could order this which is available in a range of colors and sizes.

Tissue CozyTissue Cozy


A tissue cozy would make an amazing gift for your stylish friend who takes every opportunity to spruce up her home décor.

The instructions are thorough, so this would be a good project for a beginner sewer.

Fabric GarlandFabric Garland


What a cute and thoughtful gift for the kids, tweens, and teens in your life!

You can really have fun customizing it to their tastes. I would love to get my kids involved in the crafting process as a bonding experience.

Mug RugMug Rug


I always use a mug rug for my afternoon snack and coffee and think they are an adorable way to brighten up your home and protect your surfaces from messes and heat.

This would be a good gift for any loved ones who always need an afternoon pick-me-up!

Reversible Sleep MaskReversible Sleep Mask


These sleep masks are gorgeous and easy to make. They would be a great gift for anyone who loves their beauty rest, and I know I could have used one when I was a new mom!

You can just use fabric scissors for this project, but if you are looking to invest in a personal cutting machine, this one is great!

Rainbow PillowRainbow Pillow


This is a cute pillow perfect for any loved ones who need a bit more color in their lives. It will brighten up any room and bring tons of joy to whoever you give it to.

Heart KeychainHeart Keychain


You can make this cute heart keychain with a kiddo as a fun rainy-day project. It is sweet, simple, and a great way to use up those felt scraps.

Nail File Carrying CaseNail File Carrying Case


These nail file carrying cases are super quick and easy to create. I would love to spend a quiet afternoon making a few of them.

They would be the perfect gift for your elegant friend who loves to keep her nails in tip-top shape!

Fabric Covered Cork BoardFabric Covered Cork Board


I love using cork boards at home or in the office to stay organized and display my favorite photos.

When you brighten them up with some of your beautiful leftover fabric scraps, you will have the perfect gift for any loved one who is obsessed with staying organized.

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