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28 DIY Weighted Blanket Patterns and Projects

28 DIY Weighted Blanket Patterns and Projects pinterest image.

Are you ready to snuggle up in both comfort and style? If you’re seeking relaxation or sensory support, a weighted blanket can be a soothing addition to your home. But why settle for a plain, store-bought version when you can create a personalized masterpiece with your own two hands?

28 DIY Weighted Blanket Patterns and Projects collage.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover 28 DIY weighted blanket patterns and projects that cater to a variety of tastes and skill levels. From cozy flannel creations to elegant quilted designs, there’s something here for everyone looking to start crafting their own blankets.

Grab your favorite fabrics, sewing machine, and a dash of creativity as we inspire you to craft a blanket that not only comforts your body but also warms your soul. Let’s get started on stitching up some comfort!

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1. DIY Weighted No-Sew Quilted Blanket

DIY Weighted No-Sew Quilted BlanketDIY Weighted No-Sew Quilted Blanket

Want to create a cozy quilted blanket without the hassle of sewing? Using simple materials like fabric squares, poly pellets, and fabric glue, you can craft a beautiful and functional weighted blanket without touching a needle or thread.

2. Free Weighted Toddler Blanket Tutorial

Weighted Toddler BlanketWeighted Toddler Blanket

Delight your little one with a DIY-weighted toddler blanket! Follow this step-by-step tutorial for a cozy creation that promotes restful sleep and comforting snuggles.

3. Crochet an Easy Weighted Rainbow Blanket

Easy Weighted Rainbow BlanketEasy Weighted Rainbow Blanket

You can brighten up your space with this colorful crochet creation! This easy-to-follow tutorial guides you through crafting a weighted rainbow blanket that’s as cozy as it is vibrant.

4. Weighted Blanket Tutorial (Great for Occupational Therapists)

Weighted BlanketWeighted Blanket

Perfect for occupational therapists, this tutorial guides you through crafting a firm, high-quality therapeutic weighted blanket. Learn to create a comforting sensory tool tailored to individual needs.

5. DIY Quilted Weighted Blanket

DIY Quilted Weighted BlanketDIY Quilted Weighted Blanket

This tutorial is excellent for beginners; it guides you step-by-step through basting, quilting, and edge binding techniques, helping you craft a personalized weighted blanket that’s both comforting and stylish.

6. DIY Weighted Blanket Tutorial (Save Money!)

DIY Weighted BlanketDIY Weighted Blanket

The main idea of this weighted blanket tutorial is to help you save money because buying a completed weighted blanket is quite costly. If you’re a budget crafter, you’ll want to check this out!

7. Easy Homesewn Weighted Blanket

Easy Homesewn Weighted BlanketEasy Homesewn Weighted Blanket

Another option for saving on store prices is with this simple tutorial! You can create a personalized weighted blanket using basic sewing skills and common materials that you may already own.

8. Custom Weighted Blanket

Custom Weighted BlanketCustom Weighted Blanket

This DIY guide not only teaches you how to make your own weighted blanket, but it also shares the varied purposes behind weighted blankets. This includes helping with ADHD, anxiety, and autism.

9. DIY Custom Weighted Blanket with Step-by-Step Instructions

DIY Custom Weighted Blanket supplies.DIY Custom Weighted Blanket supplies.

If you love the idea of personalizing your comfort with ease, check out this guide that provides easy, step-by-step instructions. Create a blanket that’s perfectly tailored to your preferences and needs.

10. Simple DIY Weighted Blanket Tutorial

Simple DIY Weighted BlanketSimple DIY Weighted Blanket

If you’re a visual learner, you’d love this tutorial, which provides both a written guide and an accompanying YouTube video. You won’t have to second-guess yourself with this multimedia tutorial!

11. Beaded Weighted Blanket

Beaded Weighted BlanketBeaded Weighted Blanket

Go ahead and elevate your comfort with a beaded twist! You can learn how to incorporate beads into your weighted blanket for added texture and sensory stimulation in this unique DIY project.

12. Customized Weighted Blanket based on Your Weight

Customized Weighted Blanket based on Your WeightCustomized Weighted Blanket based on Your Weight

Would you like to tailor your comfort with a personalized touch! This tutorial guides you through creating a weighted blanket customized to your body’s needs for the perfect level of relaxation.

13. Sewing Weighted Blanket Pattern for Men

Sewing Weighted Blanket Pattern for MenSewing Weighted Blanket Pattern for Men

Craft a weighted blanket with a masculine touch! This sewing pattern and tutorial are more tailored for men, offering comfort and style in a DIY project perfect for any man cave.

14. How to Make a Weighted Blanket

DIY Weighted BlanketDIY Weighted Blanket

If you’re looking to create a weighted blanket to help you sleep better, why not check out this guide provided by the Sleep Foundation? This will ensure you craft a blanket that effectively provides deep pressure stimulation.

15. Hand Sewn DIY Weighted Blanket

Hand Sewn DIY Weighted BlanketHand Sewn DIY Weighted Blanket

This guide will help you stitch up comfort with your own hands! It’s perfect for those who prefer a slower, more mindful crafting approach.

16. Simple and Economical Weighted Blanket Tutorial

Simple and Economical Weighted BlanketSimple and Economical Weighted Blanket

This tutorial moves you through making an economical, simple, yet effective weighted blanket using affordable materials and straightforward techniques for ultimate relaxation without breaking the bank.

17. Colorful DIY Weighted Blankets

Colorful DIY Weighted BlanketsColorful DIY Weighted Blankets

This guide, by Mosaic Weighted Blankets, emphasizes style and personalization. It encourages you to choose whichever fabric design is most appealing to you so that you can love both the feel and the look of your final creation.

18. Simple Weighted Blanket with Custom Stitching

Simple Weighted Blanket with Custom StitchingSimple Weighted Blanket with Custom Stitching

Want to delve into comfort with personalized flair? You can create this cozy weighted blanket featuring custom stitching, adding a unique touch to your relaxation sanctuary.

19. Kaleidoscope Weighted Blanket

Kaleidoscope Weighted BlanketKaleidoscope Weighted Blanket

Color and comfort combine to create a vibrant, weighted blanket reminiscent of a kaleidoscope. The result features a mesmerizing array of hues that add a burst of personality and charm to your relaxation space.

20. Day Log Cabin Afghan Weighted Blanket

Day Log Cabin Afghan Weighted BlanketDay Log Cabin Afghan Weighted Blanket

With 24 squares, you can stitch together a beautiful log cabin afghan weighted blanket, weaving warmth and comfort with each intricate square. Rich colors and textures await.

21. Bernat Basket Weave Weighted Blanket

Bernat Basket Weave Weighted BlanketBernat Basket Weave Weighted Blanket

This Bernat Basket Weave tutorial will help you create a masterpiece weighted blanket that’s both functional and visually captivating. This pattern might seem pricey, but basket weaving can be tough, so it might be worth the investment!

22. Corner-to-Corner Afghan Weighted Blanket

Corner-to-Corner Afghan Weighted BlanketCorner-to-Corner Afghan Weighted Blanket

This guide helps you make a corner-to-corner Afghan weighted blanket, which means you’ll start at one corner and work your way diagonally across while creating the blanket. This is an increasingly popular method for creating weighted blankets.

23. Heavy, Colorful Weighted Blanket

Heavy, Colorful Weighted BlanketHeavy, Colorful Weighted Blanket

Get excited to wrap yourself in nostalgia and comfort! You can craft a heavy, colorful, vintage weighted blanket reminiscent of days gone by, blending vibrant hues and retro patterns for a cozy and charming addition to your couch.

24. Disappearing Nine-Patch Queen Size Quilt Pattern

Disappearing Nine-Patch Queen Size Quilt Disappearing Nine-Patch Queen Size Quilt

This captivating pattern creates a queen-size quilt using the disappearing nine-patch technique, where simple squares transform into stunning blocks. It offers a blend of tradition and modernity to adorn your bed.

25. Pattern for Full-Size Weighted Blanket

Pattern for Full-Size Weighted BlanketPattern for Full-Size Weighted Blanket

This Etsy pattern is for lovers of ultimate relaxation! It’s a comprehensive pattern that’ll help you meticulously craft a full-size weighted blanket, customizing weight distribution and fabric selection for optimal coziness tailored to your unique needs.

26. Weighted Blanket Crochet Pattern

Weighted blanket crochet patternWeighted blanket crochet pattern

Experience the soothing embrace of this comforting creation, designed to promote restful sleep and serene moments of relaxation.

27. Weighted Blanket Sewing Instructions for First-Timers

Weighted Blanket Sewing Instructions for First-TimersWeighted Blanket Sewing Instructions for First-Timers

If this is your first time sewing a weighted blanket, don’t fret! These instructions cater to first-timers, guiding you through each step of crafting a weighted blanket with clarity and confidence.

28. Twin Weighted Blanket Step-by-Step Instructions

Twin Weighted Blanket Step-by-Step InstructionsTwin Weighted Blanket Step-by-Step Instructions

These easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions will help you sew a twin-sized weighted blanket carefully tailored to provide soothing comfort and relaxation for peaceful nights and serene mornings. Perhaps you can make one for the whole family!