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26 Best DIY Catio Ideas

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DIY Catio ideas

If you want to let your cat loose outside without worry, we’ve got lovely DIY Catio ideas that you can recreate!

 Do you feel like your cat is missing out on all the outdoor fun? Well, fret no more! With some DIY patios, you can build them their own little piece of paradise.

DIY Catio Ideas

1. Multilevel Catio

DIY Catio ideas

Give your feline friend a mammoth, safe house with multilevel space to stroll around in. Don’t worry about the work; here are easy steps to make it.

2. Small Catio with Plant

Amazing DIY Catio ideasAmazing DIY Catio ideas

If your kitty loves watching people as they go by the house, here’s a small one you can make just outside the window. Don’t skip the small catnip plant.

3. Use the Garden Bed

Ultimate DIY Catio ideas.

Ultimate DIY Catio ideas.

You don’t need to add a rock or tile floor. Keep it natural, and your cats will love you for it. Here are some tips you need to follow.

4. Side of Home Catio

Awesome DIY Catio ideas 3Awesome DIY Catio ideas 3

Many people don’t utilize the space on the side of their home–it’s perfect for a catio. Here’s a quick DIY to help you make one. Plus, it comes with a tunnel.

5. Catio with a Shade

DIY Catio ideas 34DIY Catio ideas 34

Trust us–your cats hate the scorching sun just as much as you do. So here are ideas to make a catio. The shade would keep away rain, too.

6. Use PVC Pipes

Amazing DIY Catio ideas 4Amazing DIY Catio ideas 4

PVC pipe catios look just as good as wooden ones. They’re even sturdier and last a lot longer. Here’s how to make one.

7. Use the Space

DIY Catio ideas 67DIY Catio ideas 67

If you’ve got one of those huge backyards or lawns, why not make the most of it and make a huge catio? It also adds visual interest.

8. Recycle the Timber

Awesome DIY Catio ideasAwesome DIY Catio ideas

Did you know you could make a catio by recycling old timber and chicken wire? You really can. It would make a great weekend project–here’s a video tutorial you can follow for this.

9. Simple Catio with Levels

DIY Catio ideas in garden DIY Catio ideas in garden

Here’s a simple catio DIY that won’t take over much of your lawn but has different levels so your cats can sit and chill wherever they want.

10. Window Side Catio

DIY Catio ideas in garden 67DIY Catio ideas in garden 67

Making a catio on the window is great because you don’t have to put the cats in the catio yourself. Just open the window, and they’ll go in.

11. Catio on the Home Wall

Amazing DIY Catio ideas 34Amazing DIY Catio ideas 34

If you think catios cannot blend in well with your home’s aesthetics–you couldn’t be more wrong. Take a look at this one.

12. Ikea Catio with Toys and Banners

DIY Catio ideas in garden 78DIY Catio ideas in garden 78

Did you know you could repurpose Ikea shelves to make a catio? Throw in some of your furry friend’s favorite toys while you’re at it.

13. Ready Made DIY

Awesome DIY Catio ideas 89Awesome DIY Catio ideas 89

Here’s a ready-made cat enclosure under $100 for those of you who don’t want to put in the work or just can’t find the time.

14. DIY Catio with Style

Amazing DIY Catio ideas 56Amazing DIY Catio ideas 56

Catios don’t have to be bland or just made out of wood. You can add a great paint job to make them stand out. Check this easy DIY here.

15. Budget-Friendly Net Catio

Ultimate DIY Catio ideas 43Ultimate DIY Catio ideas 43

This net catio DIY is really simple and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Here’s how to make it.

16. Cute Movable Catio

DIY Catio ideas to use DIY Catio ideas to use

You don’t have to DIY a fixed catio only. A movable catio like the above one is an excellent way to give your cats a sleek home that you can set anywhere easily.

17. Kennel Panel Catio Idea

Amazing DIY Catio ideas 67Amazing DIY Catio ideas 67

If you don’t want the hectic woodwork, you can make a catio using dog kennel panels and wired fence pieces.

18. Stained Catio Design

Awesome DIY Catio ideas 8Awesome DIY Catio ideas 8

Who knew you could paint or stain catios to make them stand out? You’ll find all the help and steps you need here.

19. Catio with Plants

DIY Catio ideas for home DIY Catio ideas for home

A little bit of foliage never hurt anybody, especially cats. So why don’t you add a couple of fancy trellises and let vining plants climb on them? They’ll look great next to the catio.

20. Catio With Small Cat Houses

DIY Catio ideas for pets DIY Catio ideas for pets

When the catio is big enough, and you have more than one cat, you can add some cat houses inside.

21. Catio with Gravel Base

DIY Catio ideas for cats 5DIY Catio ideas for cats 5

The gravel will hold the patio firmly, it will blend into your lawn and make it look natural, and you can add wood stump steps to the base. Cool, right?

22. White Catio DIY

Awesome DIY Catio ideas 67Awesome DIY Catio ideas 67

If you’ve got white jambs and doors, what’s stopping you from painting the catio the same color?

23. Wood Catio with Small Room

Interesting DIY Catio ideas 89Interesting DIY Catio ideas 89

It might look like a small henhouse, but hey, if the cat likes it, why not make it? It’s also really pretty and would look great on the lawn.

24. Window Box Catio

DIY Catio ideas for birds and dogs DIY Catio ideas for birds and dogs

If your cat is always eager to jump out of the window, why not build a safe and adventurous window-side catio like this?

25. Catio on a Patio

DIY Catio ideas for home garden DIY Catio ideas for home garden

We know you don’t really want to keep your furry friends away–here’s an idea to extend your patio and make a catio so you can chill and sit with your cats.

26. Catio with Branches

Amazing DIY Catio ideas 45Amazing DIY Catio ideas 45

You should definitely add a couple of branches and potted plants to the catio to make it appear natural and pretty.