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25 Summer Activities for Kids » Lovely Indeed

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Long summer days call for colorful creativity! Try some of these 25 summer activities for kids to keep your days fun and engaged.

If you have young kids home from school this summer, those long days are going to need filling!

This list of 25 summer activities for kids is enough to keep your children engaged and entertained all summer long.

It’s filled with colorful ideas that are simple to create, and which have minimal material lists so that you can easily set your kids up to have fun.

Lots of these ideas also are reusable, meaning they can make it and then play with it over and over.

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Summer Activities for Kids

As you scroll through the list, click on the links below each image for a full break down on how to create the projects!

Be sure to pin your favorites so that you can easily find them again when your kids need something to keep them busy on a lazy summer day.

Cereal Box Satchels

cardboard crafts for kids

Start saving your cereal and cracker boxes for summer projects! This cardboard satchel is so easy to make, and fun for kids to carry around on errands or walks around the neighborhood.

Puffy Sidewalk Paint

Puffy sidewalk paint is totally enchanting! Not only fun to paint with but also fun to mix up. Let the kids hep choose the colors and then decorate your front walk.

Image and project from Best Ideas for Kids

Pressed Flower Projects

pressed flowers on a pink background

One of the sweetest and most magical summer activities is to create flower press crafts! Gather little floral trinkets on a nature walk and make a flower press (it’s incredibly easy) to be able to turn them into crafts. Here’s a pressed flower bookmark that kids can make on their own.

Easy Homemade Playdough

A homemade playdough recipe that doesn’t take any special ingredients? Perfect for a summer day when you need something to do! Kids love choosing their own color creations with this fun summer activity.

Image and project from Studio DIY

Cardboard Circus Train

When I was little, my grandmother and I made a train out of old cracker boxes and cardboard. It’s such a strong and magical memory that I recreated it with full instructions on how to make your own cardboard circus train.

Paper Flower Crowns

Flower crowns don’t have to be made with flowers – use what you’ve got! Download this template for a daisy crown and let your kiddos make them at a summer playdate.

Image and project from Childhood Magic

Cardboard Binoculars

diy kids' toy binoculars

Start saving all of your empty paper rolls for summer projects! These kids’ toy binoculars are a piece of cake to make and kids can use them on nature walks, spy adventures, birdwatching, and so much more.

DIY Suncatchers

Use your pressed flowers from the projects up above to create a pretty floral sun catcher! These are easy to make and once kids know how, they can pretty much do it on their own.

Image and project from Fox Farm Home

The Best Fluffy Slime

the best fluffy slime recipe

I stand by the fact that this recipe officially makes the best fluffly slime ever! It’s fun to make and it lasts for weeks in an airtight container. Give it a try!

Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are always a hit for young kids! Create a bin with a summery theme like this lemonade bin and let them sort through it all day. These are also great to create and pull out every few days so they feel fresh and exciting each time.

Image and project from Two Pink Peonies

Cardboard Racecars

cardboard toy car

This cardboard car toy project is a great one to work on little by little! Tackle a different part of it each day, or create it all at once if you have a kid who loves to get creative. After you make it, use it for imaginative play all summer. Or make a whole fleet!

Printable Butterflies

Keeping a little library of free printables is so handy if you ever run out of summer activities for kids! These printable butterfies are great for coloring, painting, and decorating with all kinds of craft supplies.

Image and project from Childhood Magic

Elephant Toothpaste

If you have the time and space for a messy play day, try a batch of elephant toothpaste! I can pretty much promise your kids will be absolutely thrilled.

Image and project from 7 Days of Play

Make Your Own Board Games

How to Make a DIY Yahtzee Game

DIY Yahtzee is not only colorful and cute to look at, but a great way to keep your kids’ math skills sharp over the summer! If Yahtzee isn’t your flavor, try one of these other DIY board games and let your kids help you choose which one you’ll make and play first.

Stained Glass Sidewalk Chalk

This summer activity for kids is a big hit in our family! All it takes is masking tape and sidewalk chalk to create a beautiful, stained-glass inspired chalk design. Add this to your must-try list.

Image and project from Your Modern Family

Colorful Shrinky Dinks

Shrinky Dinks have definitely gotten a serious upgrade since I was a kid! I love this super cool, very durable version that yields a keychain you’ll actually want to use. Kids can make them, trade them, and add them to their backpacks or bags.

Image and project from The Proper Blog

Make Your Own Ball Pit

How to Make Your Own Ball Pit

Believe me when I say that our DIY ball pit may be the one project we’ve made that’s yielded the most play hours. Create a ball pit at home for a fun summer activity for kids and they’ll spend many a day in it! This post has every detail you need on how to make your own.

Egg Carton Crafts

Give a kid an empty egg carton and see what they come up with! These egg carton fish make such a cool craft and encourage kids to explore color and shape while they use their creativity and fine motor skills to put them together.

Image and project from Paper & Stitch

Sponge Balls

This is a project that you can make once and use all summer long! Cut sponges into strips and gather the strips using rubber bands to make balls. Soak them in water and toss them around for some water fight fun.

Image and project from The Krazy Coupon Lady

Scavenger Hunt

Keep this one in your back pocket for when you need something to occupy a long afternoon. Print out an outdoor scavenger hunt for each kid in the gang, head outside, and see what kind of nature you can locate.

Image and project from Childhood Magic

Rainbow Crafts

When it comes to summer activities for kids, use what you’ve got! Empty boxes or a little cardboard can become the most whimsical characters, like this egg carton rainbow craft.

Giant Bubbles

Is there any more classic summer activity for kids than giant bubbles? This recipe creates beautiful bubbles, and also teaches how to make wands for extra-large bubble making.

Image and project from Fox Farm Home

Wish Bracelets

These wish bracelets are such a cool activity to teach to your kids! Once they’ve got the hang of it they can teach their friends, trade bracelets, make them at camp, and more.

Image and project from Single Girls DIY

Glow Jars

An after-dark summer activity for kids that feels absolutely magical! These glow jars would be so fun to make for outdoor movie nights, Fourth of July, camping, or sleepovers.

Image and project from Lightly Sketched

Sharpie Tie Dye

Did you know that you can use Sharpie pens to create a faux tie dye effect? This project works on so many different canvases (although shoes are very cool), and it’s way cleaner than setting up an entire tie dye station.

Image and project from Made with Happy