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Home » 25 Cute and Creative Valentines Box Ideas For Kids

25 Cute and Creative Valentines Box Ideas For Kids

25 Cute and Creative Valentines Box Ideas For Kids

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It’s that time of year…you know, your kid brings home a note from school saying they need some sort of Valentine’s box to collect Valentines. If you’re feeling extra crafty and creative, check out these 25 cute and creative Valentines box ideas you can make with your kids.

Unicorn Valentine Card Box – A fun whimsical twist on a classic valentines card holder!
Butterfly Valentine’s Day Mailbox – Think outside the box—literally—with this precious butterfly container.
Minion Valentine Box – Who doesn’t love the Minion? Boys would have fun making this purple valentine box
Aloha Valentine’s Box – This is a pretty cute Valentine box that your little girl will love.
Valentine’s Kitty – With an ice cream bucket, faux fur, foamy, hot glue and notions you can make this cute Valentine’s Box.
DIY Pom-Pom Valentines Box – All pom-pom lovers – this valentines box idea is for you!
Mermaid Valentine Box – Use an empty rolled oats container and covered it with some fun aqua scrapbooking paper.  Cut out a Mermaid and a fish with some bright colored paper and glitter paper.
Heart Shaped “buckets” – This nifty heart-shaped carry-all was made from one painted manila folder.
Birdhouse Valentine Box – This is an adorable creation that will delight your kids.
Birdhouse Valentine Box – This birdhouse box is inexpensive and easy to make.
Robot Valentine’s Day Box – This robot is a perfect project for you to do with your kids.
Despicable Me Minion Valentine’s Day Box – Cardboard, duct tape, recycled peanut butter lids = Minion!
Elephant Valentine Treat Container – It may appear a little complicated, but it actually came together quite quickly
Vintage Valentine Box – Old valentine cards makes a cute vintage valentine box too.

Shoe boxes makes an ideal Valentine box:

Rapunzel’s Castle Valentine Box – This is so cute and inexpensive to make.
You’ve Got Mail{Box} – Grab a shoebox & blue construction paper (or solid blue wrapping paper) and cover. This is easy to make.
Basketball Court Valentine Box – Turn a Nike shoe box into a basketball court valentine box.
Heart Garden Valentine Box – A garden of hearts for your little one.
Play Mail Box – Take the classic shoebox up a notch and help your kids create the perfect mailbox

Tissue , Cereals and Orange Juice boxes makes great Valentine boxes too:

DIY Valentine’s Day Mailbox – This is a fun and creative box for receiving Valentine cards from special friends!
Monster Valentine Box – How cute are these big-eyed monsters?
Cereal Box Valentine –  Make your own valentine box out of a cereal box .
Love Boat – How cute is this? It’s a ship made from an orange juice carton.

Pressed for time? Make these Valentine Boxes in minutes:

Easy DIY Valentine Keepers – Whip up an easy Valentine Keepers with some inexpensive disposable plates and a bit of creativity!
Purrrrrrrr-fect Valentine Holder –  Crate paper and a brown paper bag will do!