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24 Trellis Ideas for Potted Plants

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potted plant trellis 1

Your search for the perfect Trellis for Potted Plants ends here! We’ve got many wonderful ideas that you can copy without much fuss.

Making a Trellis for Potted Plants isn’t exactly rocket science but you do need to create a structure that can take the weight of the plant without breaking.

Trellis for Potted Plants

1. Upcycled Trellis Idea

potted plant trellis 1

You can repurpose old cloth hangers to create a pretty trellis for your plant pots like this.

2. Metal Wire Trellis

Ideas for Potted Plants 5Ideas for Potted Plants 5

Why don’t you go with a metal wire? You can bend it pretty easily, and it will take a lot of weight.

3. Teepee Trellis for Potted Plants

potted planta trellis 3

potted planta trellis 3

You can always go with a good old-fashioned teepee trellis in a pot. All you need is a bit of rope and wood.

4. Trellis with Branches and Twine

Ideas for Potted Plants in potIdeas for Potted Plants in pot

If you find branches lying in your garden, put them to good use and turn them into a tall trellis for your pots.

5. Metal Lattice for Pots

potted plants trellis 5potted plants trellis 5

You can find a similar metal lattice structure online. They’re also easy to make if you’re good with welding.

6. Driftwood Trellis for Pots

Ideas for Potted Plants  in garden Ideas for Potted Plants  in garden

A bunch of driftwood and rope can go a long way to make a sturdy support for your houseplants. Even the pots outdoors.

7. Wood and Rope Trellis IdeaIdeas for Potted Plants in garden 6Ideas for Potted Plants in garden 6

Grab a bunch of wood and tie it into a structure with rope. You can also leave some strings and tie them to the fence for the vines to grow.

8. Twine Trellis with Thin Stems

Ideas for Potted Plants in pot outdoor Ideas for Potted Plants in pot outdoor

A trellis made of twine can also be a good option for potted plants. Plus, it looks natural and pretty.

9. Small Wood Trellis Idea

potted plants trellis 9potted plants trellis 9

If you have wood, you can create all kinds of different trellises. Even one like this.

10. Tomato Trellis Ladder

Ideas for Potted Plants 8Ideas for Potted Plants 8

This cute little tomato trellis ladder in a pot is made with bamboo sticks and a bit of jute rope.

11. Wood Dowel and Rope Trellis

potted plants trellis 11potted plants trellis 11

You can also go for this one by sticking a tall wood dowel right in the middle of the pot. Then, use it as a structure to tie rope strings.

12. Wicker Trellis Idea

Ideas for Potted Plants 34Ideas for Potted Plants 34

Did you know you could make a trellis with wicker for your potted plants? Yes! And you can even make a living one.

13. Upcycled Bicycle Wheel Pot Trellis

potted plants trellis 13potted plants trellis 13

Who knew you could turn a bicycle wheel into a trellis? The spokes of the rim are perfect for tying ropes.

14. Bamboo Pole Trellis Idea

potted plants trellis 14potted plants trellis 14

You can always find a few long bamboo stalks and use these to create an A-shaped trellis in a pot.

15. Cage Trellis for Potted Flowers

potted plants trellis 15potted plants trellis 15

Cage trellis ideas like this are great for flower bushes because they’ll cover it up entirely and grow tall.

16. Wicker and Rope Trellis for Pots

potted plants trellis 16potted plants trellis 16

Here’s another example of an excellent potted plant trellis you can make with wicker and rope.

17. Circular Trellis for Small Pots

potted plants trellis 17potted plants trellis 17

Small pots need a small trellis, so a metal wire covered in jute rope is a good idea. You can bend it into a circle, oval, honeycomb, or even a star.

18. Upcycled Wood Trellis

potted plants trellis 18potted plants trellis 18

This one might seem expensive, but it’s actually just a broken down piece of a wooden door. Find something like this in your home and make it work.

19. Bamboo Trellis for Potted Plants

potted plants trellis 19potted plants trellis 19

You can even fold bamboo stalks into an upside-down U to support your potted plants. It’ll look amazing.

20. Twine and Driftwood Trellis

potted plants trellis 20potted plants trellis 20

Check out this lovely trellis that’s made out of twine and driftwood. You can find many such pieces lying around the garden if there’s trees around.

21. Ladder Trellis Idea for Pots

trellis for potted plants 1trellis for potted plants 1

Ladders do come in handy–it doesn’t matter what size or shape they are. Look how cute this one is.

22. Climbing Potted Plant Trellis with Wood

trellis for potted plants 2trellis for potted plants 2

Grab a long piece of wood and attach smaller ones to it horizontally, like the image. Now, join all the ends using rope and watch how your vines grow.

23. Potted Plant TrellisTrellis for Potted Plants in garden Trellis for Potted Plants in garden

If you don’t have the first clue about making a potted plant trellis, this DIY will help you out.

24. Metal Trellis for PotsTrellis for Potted Plants in garden 3Trellis for Potted Plants in garden 3

Isn’t this metal trellis cute and pretty? You can easily find similar ones in your local garden center. Plus, they’re not that expensive.