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12 DIY Wickless Candle Ideas

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Wickless Candle Ideas 1

Take a look at these creative DIY Wickless Candle Ideas. Make aromatic ones easily at home without burning a hole in your pocket!

Candles have been used for centuries to add warmth, ambiance, and fragrance to our homes. Nowadays, there are even wickless ones that don’t make a mess. But they’re expensive, that’s why we’ve bought you these DIY Wickless Candles!

DIY Wickless Candle Ideas

1. Wickless Jar Candles

Wickless Candle Ideas 1

You can make your own wickless jar candles easily at home by following the tutorial here.

2. Wickless Candle Melts

Wickless Candle Ideas 2Wickless Candle Ideas 2

Follow this DIY and make wickless candle melts to enjoy delightful scents without the hassle of a burning candle.

3. Homemade Wickless Candle

DIY Wickless Candle 3DIY Wickless Candle 3

You don’t need to do much work, and you can create them in any shape you like.  Just follow this video tutorial.

4. Wickless Candles with Rain Fragrance

Diy Wickless Candle Ideas indoor Diy Wickless Candle Ideas indoor

Do you love the smell of the soil right after it rains? If you do, then this DIY is for you.

5. Easy Wickless Candle Recipe

DIY Wickless Candle 5DIY Wickless Candle 5

If you don’t know how to make a wickless candle, you need this DIY recipe. It will teach you about making one with natural ingredients.

6. Sandalwood Wickless Candles

All you need to recreate this candle is beeswax, soy, and coconut wax. And this video tutorial.

7. Wick-Free Candle

DIY Wickless Candle 7DIY Wickless Candle 7

Making your own candles filled with a sweet scent is easy as one, two, and three. We’re not kidding! Find the three steps in this guide.

8. Strawberry Crunch Cake Wickless Candle

This one will confuse everyone who would want to take a large bite out of it. But is that so bad? See DIY here.

9. Pine Scented Wickless Candle Recipe

DIY Wickless Candle 9DIY Wickless Candle 9

Why not enjoy the crisp and natural aroma of pine cones with this DIY? You just need a handful of supplies for this.

10. Simple Wickless Candles

Try this easy-to-make DIY candle idea that’s filled with dried flowers. It smells as good as it looks.

11. Embossed Wickless Candle

DIY Wickless Candle Ideas 11DIY Wickless Candle Ideas 11

All you need is a ready made setup with a figure embossed on it! You can keep it anywhere you like!

12. Wax Melts & Wickless Candle RecipeDIY Wickless Candle Ideas 12DIY Wickless Candle Ideas 12

This DIY will teach you to make wickless candles and wax melts using beeswax and coconut oil.