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10 Unexpected Places To Hang Wall Art In Your Home

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Where to Hang Art: 10 Unexpected Places To Hang Art

Wall art is a vital finishing touch to any space…but what about those often overlooked spaces in your home?

We’re making a case for hanging art in unexpected places throughout your home, and why it can make such an impact!

Wondering where to hang art? In a nutshell, any open space in just about ANY room!

Here are 10 places you never knew you needed to hang art!

1. Hang Art In The Garage / Workshop

Coming in at the #1 top slot of most unexpected places to hang art is our very own garage workshop area!

While this might be considered a very unusual place to hang art, it felt completely natural to add a small piece of artwork after creating such a stylish workshop. The empty frame area is usually where I hang my scissors (when my kids haven’t stolen them). The small frame to the left of the plant filled an empty space and immediately added an air of sophistication to my workshop.

Tour the full workshop makeover here>>

Garage with pegboard and small artwork

2. Display Art In The Potting Shed

We often think of sheds as being the practical area filled with dirty planters and outdoor tools. But who says it can’t also be charming? A space you want to spend time working in? When your garden shed is as cute as it is practical, it just makes sense to add a few pieces of garden themed artwork!

A couple waterproof framed pieces sit propped on the shelf, and a non-framed poster piece fills an otherwise bare wall.

See the before and after of this stunning garden shed>>

Shed with pegboard and hanging tools and poster

Never know what to do with the unused upper area of a coat closet? If you can turn it into more storage, great! If you can’t, then showcase it as an integral part of design by adding wall art!

Even a narrow band of wall by the door can be used to place small framed art with hooks at the bottom to hold your keys. It looks decorative, but serves a practical purpose.

Learn how to make decorative key organizers here>>

Closet with hooks and art

4. Use Art In The Bathroom

Your bathroom isn’t just another practical room in the house. It is where you prepare for the day! Add style by adding a moisture resistant piece of art.

Metal framed artwork with tightly fitting glass frames are moisture resistant. Printed (not painted) canvas also does quite well.

Tour the whole bathroom to see other ways we displayed art>>

Bathroom with framed art over the toilet

5. Hang Themed Art In The Laundry Room

Find inspiration from the space where your artwork is displayed and choose themed art! Consider framing a helpful chart on stain removal, and include vintage or artistic photographs related to laundry.

Tour the full laundry room here>>

Laundry room with themed art

BUDGET DESIGN TIP: Do a search for “vintage laundry art printables” online. You can often find free prints, or pay a few bucks to download and print beautiful artwork.

6. Fill Odd Corners Like Small Under-Stairs Wall Space

A staircase art gallery is a great addition to transform the often overlooked “odd” space along the base of your stairs. Because of it’s triangular shape, it’s often hard to know how to add decor or fill this little section.

This area is often near an entryway, which makes a small bench or console table a practical solution. But this is also the perfect place to add a small gallery wall or your favorite family photos!

Hallway corner with bench and framed pieces

7. Hang Art In Front Of A Door or Window For Privacy

If you like lots of sunlight, but also a bit of privacy, hang a framed piece right in the middle of the window using a 3M Command strip hook.

This is especially perfect for windows you can’t add a pull-down shade to, like garden windows in a kitchen, or bay windows, or a door that can’t open.

Door with framed art on it

8. Use Waterproof Art On Your Patio / Porch

Just because it is an outdoor space doesn’t mean your patio or deck area can’t boast a beautifully decorated look, including wall decor.

Use outdoor-friendly wall decor, like wood carved pieces of art, and metal decor made to withstand the elements.

(Affiliate link) Shop this outdoor artwork here>>

Outdoor artwork

9. Place Art On Kitchen Counters To Hide Plugs & Outlets

Consider hanging art in unconventional places within your kitchen. Cabinet doors are a great way to add interest with small scale art pieces.

But simply placing a framed piece of art leaning on a kitchen counter can make an impact! Plus, it’s a great way to hide outlets and appliance cords. Place a couple clear rubber bumpers on the bottom of the frame so it doesn’t get wet from countertop spills.

Kitchen corner with art and cutting boards

10. In Front Of A Shelf

Smaller pieces of art can easily be displayed inside a bookshelf or on open shelving.

But those slightly larger pieces can be hung from the actual shelf itself for much bigger impact! Of course, you’ll want to ensure that any items you regularly pull out of the bookcase aren’t stored behind that piece of art or it will be harder to get to.

Moody color on bookcase design

Quick Tip: How To Make The Most Of Artwork

Let this inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to hanging artwork. Remember, the purpose of a great piece of art is to add beauty, fill blank walls and empty spaces, and add personality.

Use It To Add Balance To Design

Within interior design, we understand that beautiful furniture and accessories are only part of a well designed space. Well placed artwork and wall decor can make a small room feel bigger, or an extra high ceiling feel a less awkward in relation to the rest of the living room.

Make A Statement

An eye catching art collection can make a statement in the room, help fill a large wall for best impact, or create a clear focal point in your design. Extra large or bold pieces will immediately catch the eye and make a statement.

Dining room with wall art

Looking For More Inspiration?

I have saved many of my favorite pieces of artwork and wall arrangements to Pinterest. These are the things that inspire me, and I hope you’ll find them just as helpful!

Check out my favorite gallery walls here on Pinterest>>

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