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10 Delightful DIY Advent Calendar Ideas for Christmas This Year

DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar with colorful numbered tins.

The festive season is upon us, and there’s no better way to ramp up the excitement than with a DIY Christmas Advent Calendar. 

From capturing memories with Instagram-themed calendars to the tactile joy of felt pockets, these DIY projects promise a delightful countdown to the big day. 

Let’s explore some of the most creative and heartwarming Advent calendar ideas that you can craft at home.

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DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar

Source: Somewhat Simple Kids

Make the countdown to Christmas even more magical with this DIY Magnetic Calendar. Made in just minutes, this advent calendar can be used year after year!

This darling magnetic advent calendar is made with just a few simple supplies. It’s not just about candies and treats; you can fill it with small activities or services to do together each day. The advent calendar is simple yet functional, offering color options to suit everyone’s taste.

Matchbox Advent Calendar

Matchbox Advent Calendar with festive designs on a cookie sheet.

Source: The Craft Patch

This DIY Christmas advent calendar is a delightful blend of creativity and functionality. Made from a dollar store cookie sheet and matchboxes adorned with Christmas paper, it’s a budget-friendly project that packs a punch.

Each day reveals a treat or activity, with matchboxes magnetically sticking to the cookie sheet. The guide provides clear steps, making it a fun project for groups or individuals. It’s not just about the treats; the activities and surprises inside each box add to the festive spirit.

Tea House Advent Calendar

Miniature paper house tea bag dispenser for Advent.

Source: Delia Creates

This year, why not treat yourself with a unique advent calendar? The Tea House Advent Calendar is a delightful way to add a touch of joy to your morning tea ritual.

Crafted as a mini house tea bag dispenser, it’s designed to hold a variety of tea flavors. Each day, simply pull out a tea bag from the bottom and enjoy a new flavor leading up to Christmas.

The project is accompanied by free printables and cut files, making it a fun DIY activity. Plus, if you’re a fan of tiny paper houses, this is a must-try!

DIY Nativity Advent Calendar for Kids

Colorful Advent calendar with nativity figures for kids.

Source: Lovely Indeed

Introducing a DIY Advent calendar that’s fun for kids and can become a cherished family keepsake. This project allows you to transform it into a nativity scene or simply fill the pockets with delightful trinkets.

The idea was inspired by the need for a more practical container for an existing nativity advent calendar. The result? A vibrant and interactive calendar that kids will adore.

Whether you choose the nativity set or the kindness cards, each day promises a new surprise. The detailed tutorial ensures that even beginners can easily craft this beautiful piece.

DIY Mini Box Advent Calendar

Mini treat boxes with colorful pom poms for DIY Christmas Advent Calendar.

Source: Alice and Lois

December is the time for festive surprises, and what better way to kickstart the holiday season than with a DIY Mini Box Advent Calendar? These adorable mini treat boxes, sourced from Oriental Trading, are the perfect vessels for daily delights.

Adorned with colorful pom poms and printable numbers, they’re both decorative and functional. The best part? It’s an easy DIY project that requires just a bit of gluing and treat-filling. 

A delightful way to count down to Christmas!

Colorful Houses DIY Advent Calendar

Colorful mini house boxes for a festive DIY Christmas Advent Calendar.

Source: Sugar & Cloth

Dive into the holiday spirit with this vibrant DIY Kids Advent Calendar! Designed as mini cardboard houses, these boxes are not only visually appealing but also spacious enough to hold a variety of treats and surprises.

The beauty of this calendar lies in its flexibility. You can paint the houses in your favorite colors, sprinkle them with fake snow, and number them for the countdown. 

Whether you’re filling them with holiday-themed snacks, mini toys, or stickers, the joy of unveiling a new treat every day is unmatched. Plus, the step-by-step guide ensures that crafting this calendar is a breeze, making it a delightful family activity.

DIY Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar

Festive Christmas bulb advent calendar with vibrant colors.

Source: The House That Lars Built

Illuminate your holiday season with this DIY Christmas Bulb Advent Calendar! This unique take on the traditional advent calendar is both visually captivating and filled with holiday spirit.

Crafted to resemble Christmas bulbs, each day brings a new surprise as you countdown to the big day. The design is not only festive but also adds a touch of whimsy to your holiday decor.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or just looking for a fun project, this advent calendar is sure to light up your December.

Mini Stocking Advent Calendar

Array of mini stockings for a heartwarming DIY Christmas Advent Calendar.

Source: Make It & Love It

Jill from Snugglebug University brings a touch of nostalgia with this mini stocking Advent calendar, inspired by her grandmother’s tradition. Each stocking, whether vintage or newly 

crafted, holds the promise of a delightful surprise as you countdown to Christmas.

The beauty of this project lies in its versatility. You can use heirloom stockings, craft new ones with the provided template, or mix and match for a unique blend. Paired with a simple wooden tree, these stockings create a festive display that’s both functional and decorative. The detailed tutorial ensures that even those new to DIY can create this cherished holiday piece.

Instagram Advent Calendar

Instagram-themed DIY Christmas Advent Calendar with Polaroid frames.

Source: The Thinking Closet

Capture the essence of the year gone by with this Instagram Advent Calendar! Lauren from The Thinking Closet has ingeniously combined the charm of Polaroid frames with the nostalgia of Instagram photos, creating a unique countdown to Christmas.

Each day, as you flip a number, you’re greeted with a cherished memory from the year. It’s a beautiful blend of modern tech and traditional holiday spirit. Plus, the detailed tutorial ensures you can craft this masterpiece with ease, making it a perfect project for the festive season.

Felt Advent Calendar

Handcrafted felt pockets forming a DIY Christmas Advent Calendar.

Source: Skip To My Lou

Embrace the warmth and coziness of the holiday season with this Felt Advent Calendar. Cindy from Skip To My Lou presents a project that’s not only easy to make but also promises years of festive joy.

Crafted with love, each felt pocket awaits to unveil a little surprise as you countdown to the big day. The tactile nature of felt adds a touch of homeliness, making it a delightful addition to your holiday decor. Whether you’re a crafting novice or a seasoned DIYer, this project offers a blend of simplicity and charm, ensuring a memorable Advent experience.

Crafting a DIY Christmas Advent Calendar is more than just a holiday project; it’s about creating memories, building anticipation, and cherishing the joy of the season. 

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or trying your hand at crafting for the first time, these tutorials offer a blend of creativity and simplicity. 

So, gather your materials, ignite your festive spirit, and let the countdown begin!