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Painted Rock Paper-Weight Craft for Kids to Make

painted rock paper weights
A gorgeous painted rock paper-weight craft that kids can make for themselves or to give as a gift!

If you’ve been with us a while, you likely know how much we love crafting with rocks and stones here in my home daycare. Crafting with items found in nature is a wonderful way to keep our crafting costs down and a lovely way for kids to explore the natural world around them.

Well recently, we used some of our larger beach rocks to make painted paper-weights for the kids to give as Mother’s Day gifts.

They’re easier to make than our pour-painted paper weight rocks, so they’re perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

painted rock paper weights

Let’s get started!  You’re going to love how easy these are to make, and if you’re like me, you won’t be able to resist getting in on the fun yourself!

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Painted Rock Paper Weight Supplies:

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Before painting your rocks:

Make sure your rocks are clean and dry before you start.  This will ensure your paint adheres to the stone.

A little rock-washing activity might be in order before making your paper-weights.  Set the kids up with a bucket of soapy water and some old toothbrushes, and let them scrub their stones clean.

Making your paper weights:

To start, have your child choose a base-colour for his or her rock.  The hooligans chose one colour for the top, and another for the bottom.

It only took one coat of paint to cover the rock, and the paint dried very quickly in the sun. Within a few minutes, we were able to flip our rocks over to paint the underside.

kids painting rockskids painting rocks

Do you like our craft aprons? I make them out of the pant legs of our old jeans.  You can get the step-by-step instructions here.

When the rocks were dry, the kids selected the colours for their detail painting.

A way to prevent “preschool brown”

With very young children, if you want to prevent the paint colours from being blended into that infamous shade of preschool-brown, simply offer the colours one at a time.

Ask your child which colour they’d like to start with and while they’re painting, have them think about what colour they’d like to add next.  This way, the paint goes on in layers, and their design and brushstrokes are quite defined.

Continue until the child has added as many colours as he pleases, and he announces that he’s finished.

Clear coat your rocks

When the finished rocks are completely dry, give them a coat or two of craft varnish/sealer.  This really makes the paint colours pop!

painting rockspainting rocks

Just look at how gorgeous these rocks are!

This next one painted by a little one who’s just turned three years-old.

Pink and aqua are my two absolute favourite colours, so I was a little envious of the mom who was receiving this paper-weight for Mother’s Day!


This was the one that I got a little carried away painting.  I couldn’t help myself.  I love to paint, and will happily admit that I had just as much fun with this project as the hooligans did.


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IMG_2054IMG_2054 IMG_2052IMG_2052

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