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Cotton Pad Chick Craft – Happy Hooligans

Cotton Pad Chicks - Happy Hooligans
This adorable cotton pad chick craft provides little hands with lots of fine-motor development, and it’s a lesson in water absorption too!

As you likely know, we love using items that we already have around the house for our crafts and learning activities.  I always have a sleeve of cotton make up pads in my craft cupboard.  The pads make great erasers when we’re drawing on mirrors or on our reusable drawing sheets, and they’re super for water absorption activities too.Cotton Pad Chicks - Happy Hooligans

Making our Cotton Pad Chick Craft:

Recently, we were experimenting with liquid water colours and these cotton pads.  The hooligans were dripping coloured water onto the pads in an open-ended absorption experiment.  It was a great fine motor activity.  Using a dropper requires co-ordination, and really works those little finger muscles.  The kids were fascinated to see how quickly their colours spread as they were absorbed by the cotton pads.

Cotton Pad Chicks - Happy HooligansCotton Pad Chicks - Happy Hooligans

We wound up with a whole bunch of gorgeous coloured pads, which we dried on a baking rack.

dyed cotton pads drying on cookie rackdyed cotton pads drying on cookie rack

We’ll be using them in lots of creative ways, I’m sure, but what with Easter and spring approaching, I thought we’d start by turning a few of them into Easter chicks that the hooligans can use when making Easter cards for their parents.

cotton pads coloured with liquid water colourscotton pads coloured with liquid water colours

We simply took the dried cotton pads, and glued googly eyes and feathers on them, and then glued them to a folded piece of card stock.

chick craft made with coloured cotton make up padschick craft made with coloured cotton make up pads

Aren’t they adorable?

cotton pad chickcotton pad chick

Happy Easter, everyone!

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