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7 Ways You Should Be Decorating With Wallpaper

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7 ways to decorate with wallpaper - wallpaper flatlay with decorative items and home accessories

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in interior design, but it’s not the wallpaper of the past.  Decorating with wallpaper is a great way to add interest and charm, and now there is a style and color for everyone!

The walls of our homes hold so much potential for self-expression and creativity. They are like blank canvases waiting to be filled with art, color, and personality.

Here’s why we think this trend is here to stay and how you should use it in your home:

But First…Here’s Why It’s Time To Consider Wallpaper

Why decorate with wallpaper instead of paint? You can add so much more to a room than just color alone! 

Unfortunately, many have experienced the frustration of removing outdated wallpaper, sometimes peeling back multiple layers, only to peel the drywall accidentally. The good news is that most modern paper isn’t a terror to remove like it once was in the past! Newer papers are fairly easy to remove, so don’t be afraid to go all in.

Today, wallpaper has emerged as a versatile way to add texture, pattern, and character to any space.

Installed paste wallpaper - woodland themed floral wallpaper with birds

There is a wallpaper design for every personality and style! Whatever your taste or color palette preference, there is an option for you.

1. Use Wallpaper To Show Off Your Personality

They say a home should reflect their owners, but how does that happen?

Wallpaper is a huge opportunity to do more than reflect a style; it can tell us something about the person. Is their personality demure or bold, sophisticated or fun and funky? What kinds of things do they love?

Walk-in master closet with floral woodland themed wallpaper and custom built-ins

As a nature lover, I used a lovely woodland-themed wallpaper on opposite walls of my closet, with shelves in between to break up the pattern.

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2. Give Visual Interest To A Small Room With Bold Wallpaper

A small space may not have room for artwork, furniture, or accents that bring life to it. But wallpaper is a way to add pattern and artistry without taking up any space! Use it in spaces like a powder room, a hallway, or a closet. 

Black and White Peony wallpaper on half a wall in a powder room

This small powder room got a much-needed makeover and architectural interest by adding wallpaper and molding. See the full powder room makeover here.

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BUDGET SAVING TIP: Wallpaper isn’t exactly cheap, it can run you a pretty penny. Save your budget by papering half a wall, and using chair rail or molding as a divider. Wallpaper murals are great 2/3rds of a wall.

3. Add A Statement Wall To Draw You In

There may be times to create an accent wall instead of papering an entire room.

Perhaps papering the whole room isn’t in the budget, you are still somewhat wallpaper shy, or you want to use a busy wallpaper in small doses. Either way, don’t be afraid to wallpaper a single wall. The benefit of a feature wall is how it draws you into a space and defines the room’s focal point.

When papering an entire space like a living room, it’s best to use simple patterns that won’t tire the eye. But if you focus on a single wall, you can choose with a statement-making wallpaper with a bold pattern, or a splash of color without overdoing it.

Girl's bedroom with floral print paper

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4. Give Life To The Fifth Wall…The Ceiling

We think of wallpaper specifically as wall coverings, but you could forgo the four walls altogether and focus on the fifth wall. The ceiling! 

If you prefer to save the walls of a room for gallery wall art, or there just isn’t much space, walls aren’t the only place you can paper.

TRY IT FIRST TIP: Preview what the space could look like by using AI to generate wallpaper on the ceiling like this image below. Or generate a specific wallpaper you are considering. This helped me visualize a wallpapered living room ceiling, and choose not to go that direction for such a large space.

Wallpaper on a living room ceiling

WALLPAPERED CEILING TIPS: Dark colors will pull a tall ceiling down visually, while lighter colors make the ceiling look taller. Carefully consider the ceiling height, room size, and what type of optical illusions you may want to create. You can use graphic patterns in a small space, while it’s good idea to use a subtle pattern in a large room.

5. Use It To Hide Wall Imperfections

A quality patterned wallpaper can hide small imperfections. Textured wallpaper, such as grass cloth, cork and fabric wallpaper, and other raised textures, will also hide minor drywall issues.

Decorate with wallpaper to help hide/reduce stains and hard-to-clean areas. We used a wipeable wallpaper in the bathroom to make it easier to keep clean. While tile might have been preferable for cleaning, wallpaper was a better solution than a painted wall, and easier for us to execute!

Gold floral wallpaper in a bathroom

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6. Wallpaper Items Other Than The Walls

A wallpapered room isn’t your only option for adding a trendy design. There are many unexpected ways to use wallpaper.

Add it to the back of shelves to make it pop. You can also use it on the sides of furniture or on the inside of drawers.

These are great solutions if you are still a bit wary…adding wallpaper to a bookshelf is much less scary than a full wall installation! Plus the small details make for charming decorative elements without breaking the bank.

Printed wallpaper trends in rolls hanging on the wall of a shop

7. Use It To Add Bold Color & Design

An easy way to add bold contrast and loads of personality is through the use of wallpaper. 

It is the perfect way to add a trendy touch, from designer patterns like animal print wallpaper to geometric patterns to floral prints and beyond.

Not everyone is a fan of bright colors or showy designs. If that isn’t your thing, there are still many neutral wallpaper ideas, including white wallpaper in textured finishes or metallic designs. Don’t feel like you have to follow wallpaper trends, because there are different designs for everyone!

Potting shed with dark floral wallpaper and dark painted shelves

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So Which Type of Wallpaper Is Best?

  • Peel & Stick Wallpaper: These are often a little easier on the budget and easier to remove. However, they also tend to be of cheaper quality.
  • Paste Wallpaper: Contrary to popular opinion, paste wallpapers can be easier to install than peel-n-stick. They don’t tend to stretch as much, making them more consistent and easier to line up designs. They are usually a better quality of paper overall.
  • DIY Designs: Due to the pricy cost, many are opting to paint their own designs on the wall as a DIY alternative to wallpaper. Simple leaf motifs, florals, stripes, and geometric designs are easiest to duplicate with paint. The downside, painted designs on a wall can leave small textured brush strokes that remain after being painted over.
Designer Ursula Carmona installing peel and stick wallpaper - floral wallpaper on a bathroom wall

Wallpaper Ideas & Inspiration

Now that you know how to decorate with wallpaper, get more ideas and inspiration via my Pinterest boards. From bedroom wallpaper ideas, to wallpapered ceilings, papered bookcases, and more!

How To Decorate With Wallpaper Pinterest Board>>

Wallpaper design Pinterest board