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15 Easy DIY Cucumber Trellis Ideas

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15 easy & attractive DIY cucumber trellis ideas on how to build vertical garden growing structures with simple materials for productive vegetable gardening!

Now is a great time to plant cucumbers! Let’s look at some DIY cucumber trellis ideas that are easy to build, and great for both small and large vegetable gardens. 

People often ask: “Do cucumbers need a trellis? “

15 easy & attractive DIY cucumber trellis ideas on how to build vertical garden growing structures with simple materials for productive vegetable gardening!

Cucumbers have two different growth habits: bush and vining. Bush varieties are compact and don’t require a trellis. The most productive and delicious heirloom cucumber plant varieties (such as China Jade, Suyo Long) are vine cucumbers.

Vining cucumber varieties can really benefit from growing vertically on a trellis. A trellis saves garden space, makes it easier to see the hanging fruits, and protects them from soil critters & pests like potato bugs. If you are growing compact bush cucumbers, a trellis is not necessary.

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In case you missed it, here is another article on 24 DIY garden trellises you will love! Now let’s look at some of the best DIY cucumber trellis ideas!

 DIY trellis ideas for productive vegetable gardening!
24 DIY garden trellises you will love!

Other common questions: “How tall should cucumber trellises be?” and “Do I need to train cucumbers on a trellis?”

A cucumber trellis can be anywhere between 3-6 feet tall. Unlike pole beans which can reach the clouds, cucumbers are relatively small and well behaved vines.

We find it helpful to train the cucumber plants by tying the stems loosely up the trellis with small pieces of jute twine or string as they grow. This provides good air circulation while protecting the plants from wind.

1. Bamboo cucumber trellis 

easy DIY Bamboo cucumber trellis

Bamboo poles are light weight and very strong. They are easy to work with, which makes them a favorite material for garden trellises. This A-frame trellis is easy to DIY, just tie and weave some strings or jute twine one the bamboo A-frame. ( Via Two Sisters Gardening )

Other materials often used to build trellises are: garden twine, ropes, small nails, and hardware cloth fencing.

2. DIY wood and string trellis 

Wood and string trellis

Is it better to grow cucumbers on a trellis or on the ground? After growing cucumbers every year in our garden for many years, we think a trellis or even a simple stake is very beneficial for cucumber plants. Your cucumbers plants are more productive, and the fruits are more protected from bugs & pests.

You can also use 1×2 wood and garden twine to build attractive and sturdy garden trellis structures. ( Via Sweet Miss Daisy)

3. Pallet cucumber trellis 

how to build a Pallet cucumber trellis

A simple cucumber trellis can be made from a pallet! This pallet trellis is supported by 2 wood stakes. Although the cucumber tendrils may not grab onto the pallet wood slats, you can easily weave the sprawling leaves through the openings. ( Via Lovely Greens )

Make sure to look for pallets with HT stamps which means they are heat treated instead of chemical treated. Here’s a detailed guide on how to find and use pallets in home and garden projects.

4. Teepee garden trellis 

how to build Teepee garden trellis

What is the best trellis for cucumbers? Teepee trellis is very easy to build. It is great for large and small gardens. You can easily grow more than 10 plants around a teepee. ( First image source lost, please let me know if you find it! Second image from Seed Savers )

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5. Hardware fence panel cucumber trellis 

Hardware fence panel cucumber trellis

You can create an A frame or a cucumber arch trellis with hardware fencing materials such as chicken wire, cattle panel, etc. These are perfect for cucumber vines. ( Via Bonnie Plants | Beaver Lakes Nursery )

6. Post and twine DIY trellis 

easy DIY Post and twine trellis

Here are some versatile trellis ideas made with a few wooden poles or stakes, and horizontal strings. They are also great for taller vegetable plants like beans and tomatoes. You can use jute twine or nylon strings which are very durable for outdoors. ( Via Year Round Harvest | Second image source lost, please let me know if you find it! )

7. V shaped post and twine garden trellis 

V shaped post and twine garden trellis

In this garden bed, the posts are installed in two lines, leaned outwards to create a V-shape. Twine is tied between each post and plants are placed on the inside of the V. As cucumbers and other vine plants grow, the fruits will hang on the outside of the V. ( Tutorial via Seed Savers )

8. DIY A-frame trellis 

An A frame trellis design is sturdy, and you can store it flat when not in use. You can add bamboo poles, strings, or cut a piece of hardware fence and attach it to a simple wood frame. This easy DIY garden trellis is also great for beans, peas, and tomatoes. ( Via Allotment Garden )

9. Wood panel garden trellis 

Wood panel garden trellis

Her you can see a few ideas put together to create garden trellises for many plants. Tomatoes are supported by the A frame ladders, and cucumbers are supported by the shorter wood panels. ( Tutorial via Year Round Harvest )

10. Bamboo ladder trellis 

Bamboo ladder trellis

You can use tree branches or bamboo poles to make simple garden trellis like this one by Violet Fern.

11. Wood and PVC cucumber trellis 

Wood and PVC cucumber trellis

The only thing I would improve on this wonderful PVC trellis design is to paint the PVC pipes with a ultraviolet resistant paint so they won’t deteriorate in the sun. This A frame cucumber trellis also uses nylon plant netting which you can find on Amazon.

12. Trellis fence 2-in-1

make a Trellis fence

A trellis can double function as a garden fence and vice versa! ( Via From Seed to Scrumptious | Ellsworth American )

13. Free standing trellis screen

Free standing trellis screen

Need a raised bed trellis idea? A few 2x4s, some small nails and strings or netting are all you need to make this screen trellis! Image source lost, please let me know if you find it! We have used this plant trellis netting from Amazon here, and really like it!

14. Arch garden trellis ideas

Arch garden trellis ideas

A garden arch is so charming! This attractive DIY arch trellis in raised beds is easy enough for beginner to build! ( Via Spokesman | DIY Projects )

15. Tomato cage trellis for cucumbers 

Tomato cage trellis for cucumbers

No time to build trellises? Use a tomato cage! You can use ready made ones or make some using hardware cloth fencing like we did here.